No, No, Don’t buy that.

I have never gotten the services of a fengshui master for any of my purchases thus far. Perhaps because I know very little, thus I do not think it is too important a factor. However, if you are buying for investment, there are some things which you may want to be aware of because it does affect you when you want to sell the place. As they say, it is true that not everyone would take negative things into account but if your target market may just be smaller if you do not pay heed to some of the no-no when you are buying the property.

T-Junction. Yes, if the house is facing a T-junction, it will be much harder to sell. I have no idea about the actual stats but if I am staying at a house facing a T-junction, I would feel uncomfortable every time I hear some vehicles moving towards my house. Would it turn in time? What if the driver was drunk? What if the brake failed? There’s just too many worries and thus even for own stay, I would rather pay a little premium to buy somewhere else.

Below the road level. My friend stays in a condo where some floors were below the road level. Every time I pass by her condo, I would tell my wife that I would not buy the units which are below the road level. There are some superstition that only ‘certain people’ are below road level. I am not so superstitious. I am more of thinking that what if the vehicles lost control and ‘flew’ into the unit? What if there’s a landslide and my unit is below the road level? Besides that, if I am looking up and I can’t see what’s above me but there’s sound of vehicles passing by, I would feel uncomfortable.

Beside a steep slope. I do not believe there’s any engineer who can stop the powers of nature. Even if it was promised by the top developer in the world. The reason is because, perhaps for the first few years, it may be okay but what about maintenance? What about continuous inspection? What about the other developments nearby which DID NOT follow the regulations and caused the shifting of structures due to an activity which is many hundreds of metres away?

Electric grids. Everytime I drive pass areas with lots of high tension cabels, I always feel insecure. Maybe due to the too many movies that I have watched and how one jolt of that electricity would just BBQ me alive. Yes, it is much higher than the unit. Yes, it may be 500 metres away. Yes, there are security walls to prevent anyone from going in. If I worry, it means anyone who cares for his life or health would worry. Anyone with kids would worry. There may not be any conclusive studies that staying near these places would cause any health problems but why do you want to buy when majority of all other places have no such worry?

Cemetery. If you can’t see it, I think still acceptable. However, if it is right next to your project, think twice, or thrice. Okay, if it is for own stay and you really have zero issues, fine, just buy. However, if you should be buying for investment, then be wary that your future buyers would be thinking thrice as well. Some may not even want to view the place. Of course, here’s my personal experience buying properties nearby cemeteries. 

Haunted. I wrote about this topic before. You can read it here: Buying Haunted Properties. If you do not know and you do not feel anything, then it is okay. However, if you feel anything at all, anything that you can’t see but can feel, please back out. There’s no guarantee that your feeling may not be real. This is why I always say, use Agents whom you are familiar with or recommended by your friend etc. I think the chances that they try to sell you a haunted place is far lower. Remember, when you need to sell a haunted place, it will be tough.

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written on 5 April 2014.

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