Mapex Perak in Ipoh

My friend who is working in Penang asked me AGAIN. “Should I buy Ipoh property now. I really want to retire in Ipoh.’ I said to her, “how many times do you want me to answer you. As long as you have the intention then take steps to make it work.” Then I said to her, in fact there is a property fair next week in Ipoh. Mapex Perak in Stadium Indera Mulia. She said, but all these property fairs are the same. The developers who can sell would not be there. Only developers who can’t sell are there. Then I asked her, you mean SP Setia, Mah Sing, IJM, Sunway and many more of the other big names NEVER joined property fairs? She laughed. Truth is, continuous branding is a must for any property developer.  Some are known to do their pre-launch there because they needed to see if their upcoming project can sell easily or not.
mapexKnow more. Why must you go to one developer by one developer to know more. Why can’t you just spend half a day, visit the whole show and get a feel out of the dozens of projects on offer? Great or good or bad or ‘useless’, it’s all there. Yes, maybe some are selling their very old projects but these developers are everywhere, not just in property fairs. They are even in PC fairs!
Talks. People write a book after they have had many years of experience. If you buy the book for RM49,90, you have learnt so many things that would have taken you years to experience. Reading a book may take you hours or days and for questions that you have, you may not ask the book and the book would not be able to answer you. Typically in these property shows, there are invited speakers speaking on a topic they specialise in. Best part, it is free and what you need to do is just to spend 1 hour to listen. Plus you get to ask questions and most of the time, these speakers would answer you.
Opportunity. The truth is, these fairs can’t be done every month. There’s way too many logistical nightmares. Since it is there once a year, pay it a visit. If you think you know a lot, go and test whether what you know is the truth. If you know little, then you better visit to know more. Who knows, that particular property which fits what you wanted at the price you can afford is there? Be reminded, there are always cases where the original buyer may not get approval for their loans.
She said, of course I am going. I am in Ipoh next weekend. I told her to stop asking me once more about buying Ipoh. To me, if it fits your goal, it’s a good buy.
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written on 5 April.
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