No more cruise ships into Malaysia with immediate effect.

There’s little need to guess why cruise ships are now banned from coming to Malaysia. It’s Covid-19. Malaysia has already banned visitors from some regions in Japan, Iran and Italy too. Usually these arrive via flights. Yes, this will definitely affect tourism industry but I think for now, this is definitely necessary. When I was in 1 Utama mall yesterday, we realised that the number of cars in the car park were far fewer than usual. Many may have chosen to just stay at home instead.

Article in With immediate effect, ALL cruise ships into Malaysia is no longer allowed to enter into any ports in Malaysia. This is as per instruction from the Health Ministry and Transport Ministry. Penang Port Commission issued a circular to ship owners, agents, vessel owners, port authorities and terminal operators, citing the ministries which said all cruise vessels are temporarily restricted from entering any Malaysian port until further notice. Port Klang Authority (PKA), also issued a similar statement and said that this temporary measure was necessary.

Malaysia is not alone in banning cruise ships. We join countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan which has done the same. Penang port recorded 354,507 passengers in 2018. It increased to 449,885 passengers in 2019. Port Klang received 360,000 passenger in 2019 versus 300,000 the year before. Total number of Covid-19 cases is 93, with 10 new cases on 7th March 2020. Article in

Yeah, I think it’s better to be safer than to be sorry later. Statistically, based on fatality, COVID-19 is nowhere near the influenza which is expected to kill hundreds of thousands of people in the world this year alone. (Refer here for World Health Organisation (WHO) statement) However, one reason this is feared more is because there are at present no vaccines for it. There were news that vaccines have reached the trial stage but until it is officially ready, people will continue to fear it tremendously. Hopefully no readers are reading this on a cruise. May all of us be safe from COVID-19 soonest possible.

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