Buying that property with reference to transacted prices? Possible yeah.

A good friend just bought a condo in Bangsar after a friendly negotiation. She was happy and the owner was also happy. The owner was a retiree who prefers the money and not the property. When my friend asked me how should she negotiate three weeks back, I told her that the first thing we should do is to know what are the recently transacted prices. I pointed her to a site I refer to occasionally. Let us remember that just because people claim prices are up or prices are down but everyone knows that prices do NOT change unless there are actual transactions. The site is

Image below shows the project which my good friend is happily in progress of buying and she will invite me for a house warming at the end of 2020. I told her if it’s around December, then I will roast a turkey and bring over too. Yes, besides writing, I could also bake, roast and stew too. Cheesecakes… turkey… spanish meatballs…

It’s probably more important to understand that when markets are slower, the owners may be willing to list their properties at lower price levels. It’s also worth noting that the potential buyers may take this as a cue to offer even lower prices. What happens then is that the transactions may not happen and that’s why the Malaysian Housing Price Index still show a POSITIVE number instead of a negative one instead. Image below. Info source is

As you can see, the transactions in the first image did not show the unit numbers. If you prefer to know the unit numbers too, you may want to subscribe to yeah. Click here to look at the packages available. By the way, there is no special price even if you mentioned’s name. I happened to speak in the same event as its founder Premendran Pathmanathan on one occasion so I got to know about it better. Happy ‘property price’ hunting yeah.

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