National Recovery Plan? Just one most important thing. Just do it.

National Recovery Plan has just been announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Image right at the bottom or at the top. The image below shows all the different phases from June which is Phase 1 all the way to Phase 4 which is expected to end in December 2021. We expect COVID-19 cases to continue on a downtrend and will be below 4,000 new cases per day within July followed by below 2,000 cases towards August and hopefully by October, we will have less than 500 new cases per day.


“You may still get COVID-19 even if you are vaccinated.” I was told this in the briefing just before I was jabbed with AstraZeneca on 22nd May 2021. My experience here: My experience and what to expect. However, I was also informed that after getting jabbed, if I ever do get infected, then the chance of me going to ICU is close to none. This is why vaccination is really the key to the whole National Recovery Plan. This is also why USA, UK and many other European nations who has HUGE supply of vaccines and have vaccinated enough of their population has started opening up. For most countries, vaccination remains slow and they are waiting for the vaccine donations. Sigh…

Stop all the Bxxxxxxt.

Come on, whoever told you that Pfizer is better must also note that most people in the UK was given AstraZeneca. Whoever told you that AstraZeneca has very small bloodclot potential should also tell you about the heart issue potential with Pfizer too. If they did not, then they are just trying to be very selective with what they want to hear. That’s all. Also, they should share with you that after taking 1st jab of AstraZeneca, 96% of everyone builds up sufficient antibody after 28-34 days. Click here to read an article in It’s NOT fake news like what goes viral in Whatsapp and does not have any stated info source…

At the very least, they should tell you that with a COVID-19 vaccine jab, any one approved by World Health Organisation is WAY BETTER than without any jab. With a jab, you can get infected and still hospitalised. Without a jab, you can get infected and has a 0.6% to die if based on Malaysia’s latest fatality rate (14th June 2021) versus 3 times higher for even the most powerful nation in the world.

national recovery plan

Happy understanding that even though getting a vaccination is a super small thing. it is a responsibility for all Malaysians. Cheers.

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