My AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccination experience and what to expect during the process

22nd May 2021 (Saturday) at 1030am, I was ‘cucukbyAZ’ or in English, I got jabbed with AZ vaccine. It was my first dose. Why did I chose AZ despite all those ‘viral news?’ I repeat. The UK has the MOST number of people jabbed with AZ and they have reopened even their pubs last weekend. Okay I am also biased because I am UK graduate too. So, I am definitely on UK’s side when it comes to vaccines too.

If you do not get it still, it’s okay. Please wait for Sinovac or Pfizer. No one is forcing you and because everyone sent so many negative viral messages, that’s how I got to be able to register for my AZ. So, I benefited. I mean, 280,000 other people also benefited too. Remember, if you like to register for the second phase of AstraZeneca, it will be open for seniors starting 23rd at noon. Website is here: Now, what has happened to me and what to expect if we are going for our jab soon at World Trade Centre, KL.

First 5 Hours

Let me tell you what has happened after 4 hours. That would be towards the end of the article but since I am still able to write this article… Below would be a guide if you are also someone going for a jab soon in World Trade Centre, KL.

How early do we need to be there? What must we be aware of?

I arrived in the car park at 835am. My session is supposed to start at 9am. I was still in time and was in Station 3 before 9am. The traffic was also very smooth too. So, if we use google map, get to know the driving duration and arrive 20-30 minutes earlier and it would be good enough. We need to be aware of the Station we are supposed to go to. The detail is in the MySejahtera App. Image as below:


Where to park the car? Is it easy?

I chose to drive. I went down the basement car park. You may use your credit card for entry as well, does not need to be TouchNGo. There were many available car parking slots. When my friend arrived at 1030am, there were still a lot of available space probably because people come in, get jabbed and left. Thus, the car park continues to be available.

Car Park to the Vaccination Centre?

Just walk and you will see the signboards pointing to the right direction. As soon as you are out of the car park, there are already people whom you could ask how to go to your ‘station.’ Whether it’s station 1,2 or 3, there are just side by side but all are different entrances.


How does the entrance to the stations look like?

There is This is entrance to station 3 but station 2 and 1 is just beside. You will go in from different entrance. Just need to ask any staff / police officer who will point you to the right place.


Queuing up inside Station 3

It’s comfortable. There are lines on the floor and we have many RELA members who are helping. Aircon’s cold. It gets even colder at the very end during the observation room. For guys, I think it’s okay. For ladies, it’s best to wear a jacket.


Queuing inside the hall just before the AZ jab. (Bring a PEN if you could, else you can get one here)

When we reach this hall, we get to be seated while waiting for our numbers to be called. Seats are comfortable lah. Those typical convention hall cushioned seats. Here, we would be asked to fill up the forms. On the forms, we would also have our queue number for the jab. My number is 1106. So, I am the 106th person to be jabbed today under Station 3.

The staffs would provide step by step guidance even though it’s a simple form of just one page. It’s just a few ticks and a signature. There are two copies of which one copy will be given back to us at the end. You can get a pen from the staffs if you did not bring one. As for whether it’s infected, do note that everyone has put on lots of sanitizers before they touch the pen and I do think it’s safe enough. Just do not go and put the pen in your mouth… (Oh yeah… you have your mask on…)


Before you get jabbed

Before you get into the hall where they register you just before the jab, you will be registered. This is where they reconfirm your mobile phone number, your IC and a few other details.

Once registered, next is a short briefing by a staff. I was told that there is no such thing as totally protected after getting vaccinated. However, even if we get COVID-19 infection, the effects from this infection is likely to be much milder than if we got it without vaccination.

The staff also told me that it’s important to monitor if we feel uncomfortable within 48 hours after the shot because most allergies happen during this time period. I would also be under observation for 15 to 30 minutes before I am allowed to leave after the jab. She said since I have had allergy before (I am allergic to ant bite), so I will be under 30 minute observation versus 15 minutes for usual people.

Is the jab painful? Should I be very scared?

I did not take photo of me being jabbed. I can tell you the jab was very mild and I did not feel it much. If I am to compare it to blood donation, then the blood donation is considered 1000x more painful. Was there some mild pain on the jab itself? A little. Was my arm feeling weak after the jab? No. Do I feel weak 5 hours later? No.


Observation stage

Here, everyone are seated and have to wait for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Then, they will call your name and ask if you feel anything strange or pain or discomfort. If your answer is no, then you are free to leave. I guess if the answer is yes, they will you more questions.


Lots of boards to take photo with

Just outside the observation hall, there are a lot of those boards for you to take a photo to show the world that you have been vaccinated. So, there is no need to wait. There’s also no need to worry too much about handing your smartphone to someone else to help you. They would have sanitized their hands and you can also sanitize your hands and your phone right after that too. My photo? I took 3. Haha.


Nasi Lemak, Bihun Goreng, Coffee and more

Just after this hall where you take your photo, you will exit to the corridor and there’s a stall selling food and drinks. There were a few people buying but I did not as I was already thinking of eating nasi kandar for lunch. Walking back to the car park was also just minutes and I was soon on my way towards buying lunch for myself.

5 hours later?

It’s now 5 hours later. 330pm. Do I feel weaker? No. Do I have any headache? No. Do I feel any discomfort? No. Do I start to have fever? No. What happens tomorrow? Well, I have no idea yet. Let me see what happens tomorrow yeah. Will report probably after 72 hours so that it’s more comprehensive and helpful. My wife will be taking her jab on 24th.

This is my experience thus far. Happy having your jab soon. To protect our loved ones, we must protect ourselves. By the way, NO side effects and vaccine NOT working is not the same side yeah. You are still protected. As per studies, more than half of everyone actually have no or very mild side effects. Happy understanding.

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6 responses to “My AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccination experience and what to expect during the process”

  1. Shuner avatar

    Wow Charles, wearing rainbow shirt ya, yes I’m thinking of cut queue by applying to AZ

    1. avatar

      If you are meeting people… U should.

  2. Chong Gwo Feng avatar
    Chong Gwo Feng

    I took my AZ jab on wednesday at WTC too. The side effects only comes at night where I sleep and wake throughout the night

    1. avatar

      Chong, take care. Let me see tonight.

    2. avatar

      Gwo Feng, thus far I have no side effects. A friend told me more likely in 2nd jab. I think my second jab is in August.

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