MRT stations will change the area dynamics

The mantra for property investment has been location, location, location. Well, that’s why certain locations are so hot and demanded by many of the richer ones. Location as a reason includes the conveniences such as near to expressways , good environment of the development, schools and more. Well, at least one; near to expressways may not be that major anymore once more LRT and MRT lines are up and running. The reason why I say so is because I calculated my total expenses of commuting to and fro my home and office daily. The toll fees plus petrol and the parking fees would come up to close to RM30 per working day. That’s around RM660 per month.
Taking the MRT would easily half this if not more. Currently, many of the secondary areas have no such convenience. There may be no stations nearby and taking the bus is really not that comforting currently. Somehow, I prefer LRTs or in future MRTs. These new stations would expand the areas which can be under consideration from that few to many more. This is why I seriously doubt that hotspots deserve so much premium like today, sometimes more than double the price per sq ft. It’s a little absurd because based on construction costs and even land costs alone, it should not be such a huge difference in the first place. It’s that high because of demand and demand happened because the choices are not many.
I am sure some of the readers staying in the hotspots would disagree. It’s okay, everyone’s entitled to their own thoughts right? Just make sure we take actions based on what we believe. For me, I will not be touching the usual areas where everyone is flocking to buy or paying premiums on top of premiums simply because that area is having huge demands and MRT station is coming in the near future. Seriously, Greater KL is much bigger than what everyone think and there are even areas outside the current Greater KL which we can still consider when we use duration instead of just the distance. Plus, change the lifestyle a bit lah. Wake up earlier instead of facing the jams everyday in the morning. I will see if I am right in a few years’ time. In the mean time, buy as you please.
written on 25 Oct 2015
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  1. i ve been thinking the same thing as well for long will definitely unlock potential of the new area surrounding the new station…but in long run hotspot demand will still remain resilient since it is a few stations away from city center…younger generation always want all things fast, also they being raised up in conveniences environment e.g hi speed internet n fast food..i doubt many of these people want to loose their time in travelling…

    1. Hi Matmin, hotspots will always be loved. The question everyone needs to answer is, could I accept another area which I could still have things I need. As for those younger generation who think living in small units but in hotter areas is better, that’s also a choice too. Truthfully, there’s no right nor wrong. Cheers.

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