Melaka International Cruise Terminal may be back!

Melaka International Cruise Terminal may be back!

Remember Melaka Gateway?

This article was way back in 2015! Read here: Melaka Gateway and RM43 Billion China investment. Yes, has been around since Nov 2013. 🙂 Within Melaka Gateway, there was also a component called Melaka International Cruise Terminal (MICT) which was supposed to make Melaka become a cruise destination. By the way, every ship would usually carry many thousands of passengers. This means lots of tourism revenue yeah. However… it was cancelled. Now we have a good news, somewhat.

Article in Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that transport Ministry is in discussions with the Melaka state government on the continuation of the Melaka International Cruise Terminal (MICT) which was under the Melaka Gateway project.

He said, “The ministry has received an application from the Melaka Gateway developer to revive the cruise terminal project and it is in the process of obtaining licence approval to continue the project from the ministry, especially the Melaka Port Authority.”

He added, “We have no problem supporting the continuation of this project, but we need to take into account the views of the state government, and I have instructed officials from the Port Klang Authority to contact the Melaka state government to discuss, in particular, the cruise terminal issue.” Article in

My wife wants to go on a cruise

My wife told me she wants to go on a cruise. I checked just before Covid-19 arrived. The price was okay. The choices were aplenty. Recently, I checked and realised that the choices are not many, prices are high and Malaysia is really not popular for people to go on a cruise. Many times, we have to fly to Singapore to do it. That’s really a very bad experience yeah. Fly to Singapore, get on a cruise, then cruise goes back to Singapore and fly back to KL? Haha. Does not seem like a cruising experience at all.

At least there’s another hope that things will be better in the future?

I just went to Melaka and Jonker’s street is still great for me. So many to see, buy, eat and enjoy.

All the best to Melaka!

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