Q1 GDP passed with 5.6 percent growth

Today, before I start to write, I would like to point out a few blind, deaf and dumb fools who commented on Bank Negara Governor, Tan Sri Zeti Aziz. One commented that Zeti must be sleeping on the job for not investigating 1MDB. Another said that she is just a follower and would not dare to do anything. Another said, how could she be voted as one of the best central bank governors in the world? Are the evaluators blind?
First, I hate 1MDB which has caused negative sentiment in the market. The people behind 1MDB who has done wrong MUST be compelled to tell the truth and be transparent about it. However, why link Zeti with it. Any investigation is NOT done by BNM directly. She has informed that BNM does not comment on any individual organisation and kindly stop your useless remarks.
Second, she is just a follower and does not dare to do anything? Are you sure? For so many years that she has contributed, she is still just a follower? Have you ever been following her achievements ever since she joined? Do you know that the foreigners have withdrawn MORE money today than during the crisis years previously? Has the economy gone bust? She has laid a good foundation and strengthened the whole banking system.
Third, she was not voted one of the best banker in the world for one time. She has been awarded many other international awards many times and by different organisations which you do not PAY to get the award. Do you wish to claim that ALL these organisations which gave her the award are blind, deaf and dumb like you? Or now you wanted to say that the government paid for her to get the awards?
Please, Malaysia will never grow to what we want it to become if it is full of blind, deaf and dumb people like those who jumbled everything and commented just based on dumb reasoning. There are many good people who has nothing to do with politics. At least, acknowledge and support and give courage to them. Why must every single thing and every single person be politicised? Zeti works hard and she works harder than the pay that they pay her. I can safely say she goes home later than me everyday. So, kindly leave her to do her work and you continue to slam whichever politician you dislike. I care not for today, majority are already blind, deaf and dumb anyway. The other side MUST always be wrong. Yes, I am talking about both sides.
Thanks for reading till here. Yes, Q1 GDP has grew 5.6 percent which is slightly higher than expectations. This is considered good under the circumstances of weak global prices for energy and commodity exports. Zeta said, “We will be affected by price movements of energy and fuel prices, but it’s not going to devastate our economy.” In fact in March, electronics export surged and this may help Malaysia to continue along its growth path for 2015. Domestic demand remain key anchor to continuous growth. In fact, consumption will continue to be supported by the rise in income and employment. Yes, more people are graduating and more people are entering the workforce. (None are becoming farmers.. ok?)
Please try our best to see things as they are. I wrote about a friend who told me that she fears 1MDB would bankrupt the economy and yet she asked me where to buy. I told her that she must be joking because if Malaysia is going bankrupt soon, buying a property must be avoided at all costs. Not true? Happy investing and believing whatever you want to believe.
written on 15 May 2015
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