Malaysia fully reopens international borders from 1st April 2022. What are the implications?

Malaysia fully reopens international borders from 1st April 2022

Our overseas friends who wanted to visit us could now come to visit us as long as they are fully vaccinated. In fact they do not even need to undergo any quarantine anymore. I do think very soon, we would also be able to travel to more countries and in the near future, maybe within 60 days, we may be looking at travelling to most countries again. Here is the formal announcement.

Article in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the decision to reopen the borders starting 1st April 2022 was made after careful deliberation on various aspects including the national vaccination programme and economy, with risk management conducted by the authorities.

He said the decision was made based on three fundamentals, namely scientific data, comparisons with the border reopening of other countries, and to provide convenience to travellers. He said, “Malaysia is now an open destination and can be visited by all.”

He also said, “Travellers who have received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are no longer required to undergo quarantine. They are only required to undergo an RT-PCR test two days prior to travel and an RTK antigen test within 24 hours upon arrival in Malaysia.” Please do read the news in full here: Article in

Covid-19 situation is under control (no matter what your friends are saying)

Three important things we learn from the announcement that international borders will be reopened on 1st April 2022. First one is that Covid-19 situation in Malaysia is under control. Two examples? Deaths and ICU patients are at a much lower level than last year when new cases were lower. This is despite the current new infection numbers being far higher than last year. Like to know more? Here’s the link. Below is a screenshot of something important.

Endemic phase is on the way

Second is that endemic phase will be coming very soon; living with Covid-19. I think my kids will soon be going back to school without any further restrictions. Yes, both of them are vaccinated with the first dose and will receive second dose in April 2022. Is it totally safe? No. Continue to take precautions. Continue to isolate ourselves if we feel we have symptoms and to quickly do tests. It’s our responsibility to do our small part as well.

Yes, economic recovery is real

Third is that, the economic growth numbers that has been predicted thus far will come true because the economic will start to run normally again. I know, people want to say that Russia-Ukraine is at war. Truth is, demand for goods and service will remain strong. Not many people who wants to buy a handphone will stop buying that handphone because there’s Russia-Ukraine war. I also believe more people will go to the malls, more will go to restaurants and more will start travelling too.

All the best my dear Malaysia. (yes… next to recover will be the property market too. I really do look forward to it since there’s one property which I am so desperate to sell but no one is willing to accept my selling price yet. Haha)

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