LRT3 is moving along, RM9 billion and 26 stations

Many continue to believe that their property choices remain the same even with more LRT and MRT stations. Yes, there’s also the BRTs. Be reminded, buying undervalued for potential appreciation is a cheaper option compared to buying hotspots and selling it when it goes even higher. There’s also that ceiling price where the majority could no longer afford and even if they try, the banks would not want to approve. Banks need to protect themselves too. Another piece of good news for accessibility to even more secondary areas. Yes, it’s by 2020 but the construction should start in 2016. Yes, this timeline has been delayed too but better late than never.
It’s important to note that the more choices that I wrote earlier does not need to be around or nearby MRT stations. LRT 3 is another consideration too. In many media reports recently, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd announced that for the competitive tendering for the 37km project, they have identified 96 applicants who met the requirements of a weightage-based evaluation criteria. In brief, these 96 would proceed further to tender for the LRT 3 project. This will be initiated by Prasarana and project delivery partner, MRCB George Kent.
lrt3LRT 3 is a 26 stations light rail transit project stretching from Bandar Utama to Klang. Understand it in brief. Image attached. Travelling between the two end points would take 53 minutes over a 37km distance. It is expected that by 2020, it will serve a total of 74,000 passengers per day. LRT 3 is expected to start operating in 2020. To those who needs to drive, park and ride, there’s a total of 6,000 parking spaces within 10 stations. The 26 stations are here.  Happy searching.
written on 10 May 2016
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