Yes, it’s definitely safe for a long time yet; property investment

img20151212150442.jpgLet me tell you why I feel confident about property investment after my weekend with my family. I was at my favourite mall today, Setia City Mall. Read here why I love certain malls: My MUST have list formally, both old and new It’s nowhere near One Utama or MidValley in terms of size but I just think the size and the variety is just right. Plus, you have the inside and the outside as well when you visit Setia City Mall. Yes, the baby rooms are well equipped not to mention the many exits to the car park. I was there for an interview session by Property Insight magazine. Felt very honoured as this is the leading property magazine in Malaysia today.
When I arrived, I dropped by Starbucks first and I noticed majority of the tables were occupied by people younger than me by 10-15 years. Haha. Yes, I am not that young today.  After that, I had lunch with my family in Sushi Zanmai and it was full of families, many with little ones just like mine. There was even one baby seated next table which cried so loud and caused my baby boy to also cry. Haha. Somehow, after some shopping, changing diapers, etc, it came to dinner time. We went into a restaurant called KD Hong Kong. After we sat down, I noticed the two tables in front of us had a total of 3 toddlers. The table right next to ours had a baby girl slightly older than my daughter and behind me, to my right side and in fact kids were in nearly every table in KD Hong Kong!
Maybe they attract mostly families but hey, this gives me great confidence to continue investing in properties. These little ones would have to grow up and they would have to find a place to stay. Even i they could not afford to buy just by themselves, surely their parents would help. It’s true that these Millenials and Gen-Zs may be looking for smaller units due to their lifestyle but be reminded that even if just 10 percent of them got married and needed a bigger place, think of the demand…
Actually, I think these younger people may get married even later than people today and may have even fewer kids, some may choose not to have at all. However, this would be more than 20 years or more down the road. For the next 10-20 years, rest assured, the demand for that property that you bought today would still be there. See, analyse, decide and action. Oh yeah, if property is just not your cup of tea, please do buy some baby related stocks. For example, diaper manufacturers? Perhaps even those involved in baby clothing, baby lotions and more. I think it’s safe to say that unless some unforeseen circumstances happen to these companies, sooner or later the price you paid for these shares would double and so on. Happy investing and happy noticing all the things happening right in front of you.
written on 12 Dec 2015
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