Fraudsters are everywhere, always be wary

How many of us have received calls that there are problems with our credits cards and that we must provide our login ID and password to check it out? Actually, if the bank is the one calling, why would they be asking for your login ID and password? These days, it’s becoming even more sophisticated and during one radio talk recently, the guest speaker said that these days, the act of trying to cheat you is ‘industrialised.’ These fraudsters are setting up  call centres and they call thousands of people every weekend and millions of phone numbers every month. It’s a probability game and somehow, someone would get cheated. Please, just be very alert. Objectivity helps tremendously to keep our greed from clouding our minds, ok?
What about when we wanted to buy or sell properties? My personal advice is to engage licensed real estate agencies or registered real estate negotiators. First of all, there is no guarantee that these people would not cheat you. However, the total number of unregistered brokers are 5 times higher and it is safe to say that the chances that you will be cheated is much higher. One real case happened recently. A fraudster cleverly used to advertise for some properties to sell and pretended that he was the owner. Somehow, he managed to con buyers to pay to his bank account directly. He managed to cheat RM30,000 from three people last year. Fortunately for us, he was caught and sentenced to five years jail and four strokes of the rotan by the Sessions Court.
Do you have such experience to share? Actually, it’s so important that all of us who know these potential cheating cases to keep sharing because everyday, someone is somehow cheated. Those caught and sentenced should be publicised as much as possible. Not so much to scare the fraudsters but more to remind people again not to be so foolish to believe whatever people say or tell them. Happy keeping away from these cheating cases.
written on 12 Dec 2015
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