Landed homes getting smaller, can we park 2 Honda Accords?

If we are alert with new launches of landed properties, we would have noticed that landed homes are getting smaller. Especially the width. The question is this, with the ever reducing width, “Can it park two cars?” Specifically, two Honda Accords? Image below comes from

These days, when most people talk about landed home, they are usually referring to double-storey terrace units. Typical sizes may be 20 ft x 70 ft, 22ft x 75ft, 24 ft x 65 ft etc. In fact these days 18 ft x 70 ft may also be quite common and will be more and more common because the developer needed to make these homes affordable. If you do not know why, this is a super brief explanation.

Total homes which could be built on a land with 360 ft length

Assuming the total length of the piece of land is just 360 ft. If the developer builds 20 ft wide homes, they are able to build 18 units. Assuming they needed to price it at RM700,000 to be profitable, the developer also had to ensure there are enough buyers who could afford RM700,000. Total Gross Development Value (GDV) is this RM700,000 x 18 units = RM12.6 million.

Total homes which could be built if they built it smaller by just 2 ft

What happens when they build 18 ft wide units? With the same 360 ft land, they could now build 20 units. instead of just 18 units. If we use back the same GDV of RM12.6 million, then every unit could now be priced lower. RM12.6 million divided by 20 units = RM630,000. This meant more people could afford to buy the property and forego the extra 2 ft since 18 ft is still wide enough. Right? Let’s look at some numbers below.

What’s the size of a typical car park width in a car park?

Usually, it is 8 ft. It could not be 7ft because this would be too small for a typical car. For example, a Proton Saga’s width is 1,689 mm (5.54 ft). Once it parks itself into a 8 ft wide car park, both the doors could still be opened. If it’s a 7 ft width, then only one door could be open for the passenger to get out of the car comfortably. It would have to park very close to the line on the left side in order to do that.

18 ft wide home car porch to accommodate 2 cars (even Honda Accords too if truly necessary)

Please refer to the image below showing a car porch and the typical length and width of two Honda Accords in a 18 ft wide home. If the owner has two Honda Accords and he could park the car VERY PROPERLY, then he could leave nearly 2ft between the car to the wall and the car to the car side by side and then to the other wall. It’s really a little tight but yes, doable. Do note that if there are two pillars in the car porch, then the below will become even tighter.

I also show the typical size of a Proton Exora which is actually smaller in length and width versus a Honda Accord. This means that if you own two Proton Exoras instead of two Honda Accords, then parking them are slightly easier. If both your cars are a smaller MPV (example Honda BRV or Toyota Sienta), then it will be even easier to park both cars in an 18 ft wide home.

Of course, for families with one bigger car and one smaller car, you can see that a 18 ft wide home can accommodate you easily too. By the way this is also why most homes are now 18 ft wide because the developer knows that they need to allow a family to park two cars and they know that is a typical minimum nowadays.

If given a choice, buying wider is advantageous too

If we are presented with a choice of 18ft, 20ft, 22 ft and 24 ft, buying the widest we could afford is advisable because in the future, the size would only go smaller and not bigger. In other words, wider homes will become much more uncommon because of the pressure from price. The higher property price becomes, the smaller a home will become in order for the home to be affordable. This is also the reason why you can start to see high-rise homes even in newer townships further away from the city centre too.

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