Airport within a mall, Mitsui Outlet and Aeropolis

The first time I took a flight was in Subang Airport nearly twenty years ago. It was from KL to London, via Amsterdam. Subangg airport looked pretty normal to me. I arrived in Amsterdam and there was a huge difference between their airport and ours. Then, I arrived in Heathrow and well again it looked better and bigger than our Subang airport then. Fast forward to the first time I was in KLIA followed by frequent flights from LCCT and today, the opening of KLIA2. KLIA to me has been improving slowly in terms of its retail offering but KLIA2 is by far better in everything retail. A friend even asked if KLIA2 is actually a shopping centre instead of an airport? Personally, I think this is a very positive statement.
What’s wrong with shopping at the airport anyway? Especially if the airport is just part of a huge plan to turn the huge lands nearby and around the airport into a thriving little city? Yes, they call it aeropolis. According to an article in a local English daily, it quoted International Air Transport Association (IATA) as saying that global air travel will grow significantly this year and much of the growth is happening within South East Asia! I think you can see that this will benefit the country with the largest base for low cost airlines; Malaysia. The number of flights from KLIA as well as KLIA2 is still growing very fast and as all of us know, the LCCT was then bursting at its seams. I could not even find a place for my parents to sit when we were waiting for the flight. Today, the situation is way better in KLIA2.
klia2What’s next? Well, I may be shopping nearby KLIA soon. MAHB is opening the Mistui Outlet Park just a few km away from KLIA. I loved the one in Iskandar and I was made to understand this one by Mitsui would offer some brands not available in the Johor Premium Outlet. As for what are the future plans, well I am awaiting for more news about the Aeropolis which is supposed to be centred on the growth story for KLIA and KLIA2. Acropolis would represent another opportunity for property investment though we would really have to see the overall master plan before taking the plunge. No one wants to jump into a ‘mining pool,’ right? Happy shopping and visiting KLIA and KLIA2 and perhaps we can latte at Mitsui Outlet Park one day.
written on 24 Mar 2015
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  1. How Jun avatar
    How Jun

    Managed to get BOSE headphone in Pg airport at half price. Very good deal. Not everything is expensive in airports.

    1. Nice. I have bought many shirts during the airport discounts. Truth is, they have nowhere to store the stuffs once new stocks come…

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