The importance of size vs affordability

Hong Kongers love bigger space. However, they are also acutely aware of the affordability factor in their home purchase. Thus, if they have a roof over their head and that small space can be turned into a wonderful home sweet home, they would buy. I am not sure if this is starting in Malaysia but according to an article in a local English daily, one project sold over 150 units within one weekend. This is despite the fact that the sizes ranges from just 466sf to 769sf. The project is Parisian Tower in i-City, Shah Alam.
The project as per the name is modelled after the French-styled homes. According to the developer, these units offer a combination of great location, proximity to facilities and amenities, affordability and the unique style of its decor. Prices start from RM380,000. These units already come with the following which of course added to its attractiveness: Chic interior design, kitchen cabinets with hood and hob, wardrobes, bed sets, air conditioners, TV and other interior furnishings. Do note that for the small units, no matter what hood and hob, it is not going to be great for any real cooking. Perhaps some instant noodle cooking would be great but not anything else unless you would like to smell like your food everyday.
parisienI have personally been to i-City as well as Shah Alam a few times. I think in terms of location, it is ok. Not as near as we would want but with a good price, these can be pushed to second place. i-City also have a few other attractions currently and it does seem that more attractions are coming including the 1.5mil sq ft Central Plaza Mall @ i-City by Thai developer Central Pattana PCL and the world-renown Hilton Hotel. Yes, the residents can walk directly into the mall in future. It is linked by the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), Guthrie Corridor Expressway, and the proposed West Coast Highway and the Light Rapid Transit Route 3 – i-City station. For the last one, always wait until the construction starts before using this as a reason.
However, to choose between staying in Shah Alam versus my current place next to Sungai Buloh, it’s an easy choice for me. I would opt for my current home anytime. I currently have huge space plus affordability and proximity to the highway meant going back to my hometown Ipoh is a savings of another 30 minutes. Do note though that Shah Alam continue to attract lots of new developments and I simply love what SP Setia has done to their Shah Alam development, including that Setia City Mall which as I have stated before, I rate it above Paradigm Mall. Another friend is also moving to Shah Alam from Puchong while another told me that he would love to move there because the roads are wider and the jam seems to be nearly none. When we look at the current generation which may be marrying later and would like to stay in a more chic place, I think we can see why these type of developments may continue to attract lots of positive attention. Happy buying.
written on 29 Mar 2015
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