KL118? Make it happen, please.

KL118. This is my first article about this sort of controversial tower after such a long time that it was announced. GDV is up to RM6 Billion over a period of 10 years. Anyway, nothing was announced after that until recently. It was reported by a local English daily that 6 groups including a UEM Group Bhd-led consortium have been shortlisted for the superstructure contract. I think this means the shell, right. The 6 are all well known names (either the local partner or the foreign partner) and there’s a reason for it. They are as follows:
1) UEM Group is with South Korea’s Samsung
2) IJM Corp Bhd is with Norwest Holdings Sdn Bhd and Japan’s Shimizu Corp.
3) MRCB-led consortium comprises China State Construction Engineering Corp
4) WCT’s partner is Arabtec Construction LLC.
5) TSR is partnering with South Korea’s Daewoo group
6) Seacera has formed a consortium with Spaz Sdn Bhd and China’s Sinohydro Corp and Shanghai Construction Group.
Some say, why build another one when we already have the Petronas Twin Towers. Some say this will add to the glut in office space in Kuala Lumpur. My personal opinion is this. If it adds to the commercial space and some of the older and not well maintained ones have to be pushed out, so be it. Commercial buildings should be built because they are able to cater to the latest needs. have you ever been to office buildings where there are just insufficient car parks no matter how and where you look? I am not sure why are these not yet torn down and rebuilt? If no cars are allowed, then somehow build a tunnel so that the LRTs or the Monorails or even the MRT would pass through. If none can be done, apologies, perhaps the time is up for the building. More importantly, the glut is said to be happening today. If so, why are the rental for some offices continue to go up?
Some say, why not put the investment to some better use instead. Some say, it is not going to be financially viable. Actually, everyone has opinions about this. Let me add mine today. I am looking forward to KL118 as long as it is built by a good developer and is not stranded halfway or even completed but half-baked. Whatever which has been revealed thus far, for example the 400,000 square metres of residential, hotel and commercial functions should all do what it does; to function. It should also complete on time or earlier than the stated 2019 as well as the link to a metro station. Of course, the more links, the better it would be. It is said that it would be 500 metres and it will surpass the Petronas Twin Towers at 452-metres. I do not really mind this because to me Petronas Twin Towers would always be the tallest Twin Towers in the world.
The two national heritage buildings of Stadium Merdeka and Stadium Negara should be well maintained and if it is not the developer of KL118 should be the one to look for. You promised, you should deliver. I am aware that some are now giving me a cynical smile. It’s okay, it’s always like that in Malaysia. Haha. What I wanted to say here is that I want KL118 to be successful as per what has been planned and I do not care which developer is chosen. Just choose one which can do the job, that’s all. I have now added my personal views about KL118.
written on 15 Dec 2014
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