KL North? Selayang lah. Still affordable, really.

selayangMaybe for many property buyers, Selayang does not sound that magnificent. Thus, there a developer has branded its project as KL North. What a cool idea. It’s like Damansara Damai which is also known as Damansara North. It’s like Bangsar South which was once Kampung Kerinchi. Or even Desa Parkcity which is within Kepong. Yeah, there is also North Kiara and many more but today, let’s focus on KL North and its availability, shall we? Checking through propertyguru.com.my we can safely conclude that as long as we are okay with Selayang, the affordable choices remain aplenty. Condos for less than RM400,000? Look at the image.
selayang2KL North is also not that super far away from KL city centre. As per google map, it’s around 20km away away. (Still 1-2km nearer compared to Damansara Damai to KL city centre) For the price acceptable lah. If it’s nearer, it would have been more expensive than today. Let’s also look at what propsocial.my has compiled for Selayang. Please refer to the Image beside. In future, Selayang would have its own MRT station in the MRT Line 2. As per reported thus far in the media, the expected completion of MRT Line 2 is in 2021.
I think one major reason why Selayang is not that awesome for the younger working people would be that there is just one mall; Selayang mall. These days, many of Gen-Yers I know are buying simply because of a prominent mall today or in the future. Everyone seem to believe that the only way property prices will continue to appreciate is due to having a mall on top, beside or nearby. I hope they are right because there are huge number of malls coming. Read here: Seriously, when there are just too many malls  Anyway, we now have another choice if everything we are looking at today are way above what we would afford. Happy buying Selayang or KL North as per what a developer has described it to be.
written on 7 Feb 2016
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