Fengshui to ‘enhance’ our year of Fire Monkey?

I was seated beside a Fengshui master in a recent dinner in Penang. My close friend who invited me for his agency’s annual dinner introduced him (Fengshui master) to all of us on the same table and told us that this Fengshui master friend of his is very ‘accurate.’ I believe my close friend consults him and since my close friend’s business is doing well, I think the Fengshui master is good. Soon, a few conversations started and Mr. V on the same table asked him about his (Mr. V) future. The master said explained that briefly, Mr. V can read about some of the Chinese zodiac predictions. To supplement this, Mr. V should download an app which will tell him more. This app he said was designed by another prominent master and Mr. V can actually key in his birth details to understand more. Mr.V can then double check with the Fengshui master for an even more in-depth and a lengthy consultation.
The Fengshui master explained that sometimes, when one is having lots of lucky stars shining on that one particular year, that’s when everything happens according to what was planned and unexpected good things just keep happening. I think good Fengshui masters have certain knowledge and expertise which would help a lot of people. While I did not listen further beyond that evening, I think Mr. V would most probably be consulting the Fengshui master further.
marinIf you believe some Fengshui tips for Year of the Fire Monkey is essential, you can also drop by an upcoming event in The Marin @ Ferringhi office in Batu Ferringhi. The talk is by another Fengshui master whom I have never listened before. It’s a few days away, on 21 Feb 2016 (Sunday). Time is from 10:30am to 2pm. I received this invitation from another close friend. I think I may drop by. Free knowledge, tips and refreshment, why not. More details as per attached. If needed, you can call them too. Tel: 04-881 1888  Wishing everyone a year of red hot wealth for 2016 ahead. Remember, spend less but invest more.
written on 15 Feb 2016
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