Kiss your sales goodbye

Have you ever been to any developer’s showroom and the sales people ignored you? Perhaps it was because the said property is within the luxury segment while you were wearing a ‘I love Melaka’ T-shirt, wearing a bermuda short and slippers? Perhaps because the sales people did not see you? Perhaps they were too busy with their Facebook account? No matter what, that’s the end of whatever attractiveness that the said property has. I think there are only another 30 other similar projects being launched at the same time. Kiss your sales goodbye.
How about sales people who noticed you, rushed to you with a booking form and tell you that there are only very few units and that you must quickly make your decision. When you asked a few other details, the sales person told you in advance that all the cheaper units are sold and now left just the high end ones. When he saw you are still in the consideration mode, he told you that you can continue browsing and he left without even giving you a brochure? Kiss your sales goodbye.
What about sales people who answered your queries with, ‘you can read in the brochure.’ When you asked another question, he answered, ‘I do not know but it is not important, many people already booked.’ When you asked why did they book, he answered, ‘that day one buyer said this project is value for money.’ Irregardless of whether that sales staff is from the developer’s side or from the assigned agency side, what would be your response to such an awesome knowledge level?
I think the many years of good sales may have caused these arrogance? Perhaps the developers just never bothered to train their sales people well? Perhaps the agencies just could not get good people and have been hiring simply any Tom, Dick and Harry? Okay, maybe the main reason is because there were too many indecisive buyers or even arrogant buyers? I think it’s okay to let these people keep up their amazing attitude. They just need to remember this statement from their potential buyer, ‘kiss your sales goodbye.’
written on 21 Mar 2015
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  1. SiewChin avatar

    I went to a property show weeks ago in mv. I dropped by to the developer name starts with K. The young sales staff trying hard to b stylo by wearing a LV belt and his both hands were in the pocket from the conversation start to the end. 😉

    1. Haha. this is a SUCCESSFUL sales person.

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