Japan allows 50,000 visitors to enter daily

Japan allows 50,000 visitors to enter daily

I was in the Narita International Airport for over 11 hours a few weeks ago. I would love to just go outside the airport and take some photos but alas, I could not even venture into another terminal from the terminal I was supposed to transit from. Yea, that’s how strict they are and thus, I could just have a bowl of kakiage udon and just wait for my flight to Nashville, Tennessee. The bowl of kakiage udon was pretty good. Take a look at the photo.

How many is 50,000 visitors?

50,000 visitors x 365 days = 18,250,000. That’s over 18 million visitors per year! It’s considered a lot until we look at 2019 and realised it was over 30 milllion visitors and Japan was supposed to achieve 40 million in 2020. At the moment though, visitors into Japan MUST buy a package tour with a guide. Moving forward, visitors STILL have to buy a package but they can opt not to have a guide. So, it does seem like the Japanese government have some ideas where you are since you are on a packaged tour.

Article in nst.com.my Tourists will be able to visit Japan from next week on package tours without a guide, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Wednesday, as the country moves to ease strict Covid-19 controls. From September 7, Japan will also raise its daily cap on the number of people allowed to enter the country to 50,000, Kishida told reporters. Article in nst.com.my

The next focus would be Hong Kong

Everyone travelling into Hong Kong must undergo compulsory quarantine of 3 days in a quarantine hotel and another 4 days restricted movement control. While this seem like a mild one but the truth is, many events could not be held in Hong Kong. All these restrictions are also not helping Hong Kong which is supposed to be a world financial hub. Well, since Japan has also taken this step, perhaps the Hong Kong leadership is able to present a strong case very soon. I would love to travel to Hong Kong again soon.

Covid-19 has been around for a long time. It’s really time to move on. I have even gotten Covid+ and recovered… Here’s that story. (click here to read)

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