Charles is COVID+… Stay positive yeah

Charles is COVID+… Stay positive yeah

Hey, how is everyone doing? A little overwhelmed with many things recently especially with my role and responsibilities in Toastmasters and also work. Ah, yes, need to explain that title to this article. Yes, I tested positive on Friday (26th August 2022). This article will forever be remembered for me I think.

How do I feel?

I feel okay, no fever, no sore throat, no non-stop coughing. Today is Sunday (28th August) and it’s now noon time. I have coughed a total of 3 times. Probably a cough every 2 hours? So, yes, I am lucky as many thought or is this the actual situation on the ground?

Actually majority of people who contracted Covid-19 never knew because it was asymtomatic. In other words, they did not know UNLESS somehow someone forced them to do a test. In other words, when people tested positive for COVID because they were not feeling well, these are the minority yeah.

I was testing for Covid because I just returned from the US and just wanted to ensure everything was okay for my family. I was in Nashville, Tennessee and the below are just a few highlight photos. It was a very good trip. I learnt a lot from the trainings and I met so many of my counterparts in other countries whom I only know from zoom previously. They were… more handsome, more elegant, more friendlier than when they were in the zoom. Haha.

Hey, it’s a welcome!
The night when everyone supposed to wear their national costumes
Trying to look suave in this photo. I stayed in Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Around RM1,800 per night.
Our District representative got 3rd in the world for the International Public Speaking Contest, out of 30,000 contestants.

Here’s the full news article about my pride. (thesundaily)

On stage for the recognition of Distinguished District
My personal award
District top 3 officers with our Region Advisor
Photo with our International President. Yes, he is the gentleman in blue.

Get vaccinated yeah

The only reason I feel very confident though I am Covid+ is because I have been vaccinated. Period. Vaccination does NOT stop infections. However, vaccination STOPS Covid from doing any unnecessary harm to the body versus someone who’s not vaccinated.

I was the first batch of Malaysians who had zero issues in signing up for the AZ vaccines which people rejected because of ‘sxxxxxd’ rumours which somehow people believe despite AZ being administered to tens of millions of people in the UK before it even arrived in Malaysia.

From my story, whether AZ of my booster shot Pfizer has definitely ensured my body was able to defend itself well.

Be grateful with everything we have

I am super happy that beyond just Covid+, I was still able to be positive about everything. continued to be visited by many of you on a frequent basis too. Thank you for your kind support yeah. Will keep writing.

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