Jammed for an hour just to buy books?

My daughter finally went to sleep at 945pm. I left my home to go to the Big Bad Wolf book sale. Told my wife that I should be home before midnight. I arrived nearby MIECC at around 1020pm. After 35 minutes, I was NEARER to MIECC. I gave myself another 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I was even nearer to MIECC and I decided it was already very late. A promise to my wife is a promise I must keep and I left for home. I estimated that it should be nothing more than 15 minutes and I would be inside the car park. Perhaps another 15 minutes to find a spot and 10 minutes to walk the distance to the exhibition hall? Total time needed to start walking around the Big Bad Wolf floor? Almost equal the time I need to travel to Ipoh from my home in Damansara Damai.
Honestly, why would people be willing to jam over an hour just to buy some books? I think that’s because they could see everyone is also trying to be there. I think it’s also because they believe the value is great since so many people are there or talking about it. I think they feel accomplished if they are also achieving something which so many people are so proud about. For example, buying a RM3 hardcover book? Refer to the image. Actually, this is the same thing for property. Remember just a few years ago when it was so hot? When the queues started much earlier and when there were part-time jobs as ‘queuer?’ Today, it’s a totally different situation. Demand from those who need a home? It is more, yet transactions are far lesser. Yes, the herd mentality affects everyone.
Am I still going to try one more time to spend a huge sum of money to buy an even bigger pile of books? Yes, I intend to try one more time. Would I be trying to buy an undervalued property during this current slow period? The answer is a firm, Yes. They say, ‘tough times do not last but tough people do’. Or another one is ‘when the goings get tough, the tough gets going.’ When it comes to property, perhaps the question is, ‘when the times go slow, do we start going faster?’ Wait-and-see or identify, view and offer? Worried about the future? Allow me to remind you again that having a home over our head is better than going home to just a rented room, even if we rented a master-bedroom. Please don’t ask when is the best time to buy. Happy buying more, I mean books.
written on 9 Dec 2015
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  1. Good one charles 🙂 You inspire me even more… keep sharing

    1. Thks kavitha. Please continue your property adventure!

  2. Never think that buying book can be related to buying properties. Good article.

    1. Fundamentally, majority would always be following. Nothing right or wrong, just what happens. Do note, the objective minority are the those doing extremely well though. Cheers.

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