Another new mall. Isetan’s The Japan Store in Lot 10

I love new malls. Or perhaps I love visiting new malls. I do not revisit small malls without anything special which I could not find in big malls. I think majority is like me which is the reason why the big malls are here to stay while competition continues to heat up for small malls. So yes I am a believer that even when two huge malls are closely to one another, both should do just fine unless their brands are exactly the same. I think as a man, I could easily rival any lady when it comes to shopping. From apparels to shoes and all the way to groceries too. Haha. Yes, I know RM5.99 per kg for local papaya is considered expensive.
Speaking of new malls, another one is coming soon. As per reported in Bernama dated 5th Oct 2016, Isetan will be introducing a specialty concept store called The Japan Store to Malaysians on 27th October. This will be the first in the world and will be located in Lot 10 Bukit Bintang. The Japan Store will introduce Japanese history, culture, technology, diversity and lifestyle designs through a carefully curated selection of brands, products and services. There would be 6 floors featuring exceptional products from Japan including regional brands, over 200 of which are being introduced in the market for the first time. Each floor would have a thematic experience from food to culture, fashion to beauty and technology, namely The Museum, The Studio, The Room, The Cube, The Table and The Market.
Just 3 weeks away. Get ready to drop by for a new shopping experience.
written on 5 Oct 2016
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  1. Woots! Isetan is one of my absolute favourite dept stores, and the Lot 10 one especially has many good memories. 😀 Can’t wait to go and take a peep at their new store there.

    1. Cool. We can drink green tea there. haha

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