Ipoh Retirement, doing nothing?

Stop the jokes. If retiring means doing nothing, then it’s no longer retiring. That’s more like suffering. I can take it when people say Ipoh’s food not as famous as some other so called ‘famous’ cities. Sure, go ahead. I can also force myself to accept it if someone were to say Penang’s food variety is more. I don’t think so but it’s ok, I will not comment. However, to anyone who say Ipoh city is only for retirement because there is nothing to do, you must be joking. Have you ever been to Ipoh, stayed for a while and really know enough to comment? I have stayed in Teluk Intan for ten years, Penang for 16 years, Subang Jaya for 3 years, Bristol for 1 year, Kelana Jaya for 1 year plus and currently Damansara Damai for 1 year. Have also travelled to all the 14 states in Malaysia and still travel to all these states because they have something special. Have also travelled to slightly over 20 countries in the world. I think I am slightly more qualified to speak compared to many who have been staying in the same place all their lives. Born there, studied there, work there and most likely ‘bye-bye’ there. Great mentality? You decide.
If you would like recreational places, within Ipoh city itself, there are parks, lakes, international sized public swimming pools, lots of squash courts, badminton courts and even velodrome and hockey turf if you are really crazy with competitive cycling or playing world class hockey. Many more. Note, I did not say any other city have none of these. I am telling you, Ipoh has it too, in case your city has it.
Ipoh has real variety and quality good food. It is seldom that you find that same few types of food in majority of all the kopitiams all over Ipoh city. In terms of Malaysian class, in other words, as good as the best in Malaysia, there are taugeh chicken, dry curry mee, curry mee, yong tau foo (equal rank for this), Ba Kut Teh (yes, very good ones), Tai Lok Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, Dim Sum, Wan Tan Mee, Hakka Mee, Indian Curry Rice, Mee Goreng Mamak and so many more and you know what, there are friends who said Ipoh has only tau geh chicken and dim sum and expect me to agree with her.
Ipoh has good properties. From bungalows to semi-detached to terrace to link homes, condos and even luxury condo on par with the best in Malaysia, Ipoh has them. I am very sure some of the other cities would have these to but just wanted to let you know that Ipoh has them too. One more tiny thing, the prices are much more reasonable too, currently as we speak.
I did not yet mention the current theme park, the upcoming theme park, the many good private hospitals, the few good private and local universities, the few top schools in Malaysia, whoa, so many. Plus, the potential of excursions to many other smaller and awesome towns nearby, the sand and the beaches.
Enough. If you can read until here and you still disagree, I think it’s best you go where your heart is. As long as you are happy, I am happy for you too. At least you would not feel so boring in Ipoh and I do not need to feel so tensed up trying to convince you. Haha. Yes, it’s true I am NOT working in Ipoh. It’s also TRUE that I will definitely feel fulfilling and happy when I go home to Ipoh, one day. Home is where the heart is? Home Sweet Home, my Ipoh.
written on 12 Jan 2015
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