I missed a good Sabah property show (Shareda) in Sandakan

wpid-img20140407094656.jpgI was in Sandakan last weekend. It was an enjoyable weekend as these days, when I travel to Sandakan, it’s more like going home. No more watching one of the rarest monkeys in the world, the Prosboscis monkey (long nose monkey), no more walking just a few metres away from crocodiles at the crocodile farm, no more sweating like crazy walking onto the platform to watch the Orang Utan at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre and definitely not driving from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu for 8 hours with my in-laws. Everytime I am in Sandakan, I start with a good bowl of ‘kon low mee with honey glazed char siew’, one of the best I have ever tasted. Yes, it is in Sandakan! This is the shop (photo beside).
Oops, nearly forgotten, the reason why I am writing this is because I am going to miss a very good property show for Sabah to be held in Sandakan; the SHAREDA property show. I would have loved to visit it. I also do not know if the talks are by real property gurus from East Malaysia or imported ones from ‘ubi kayu’ part. Seriously, I believe for East Malaysia, you should be based there if you were to talk about properties there. The situation in KK is different. Even in Sandakan, where the condos are now starting to boom, it is different from Klang Valley or Penang. Then, why am I saying I am going to miss a good show? Well, I have lost a chance to really talk to some of the developers participating about their thoughts and also see what’s the pricing like against everything on offer.
One example, IJM’s Condo in Sandakan. Talk about price. I went to my brother in law’s condo and I  have just dipped in the kiddie pool last weekend. The facilities were ok, build quality average, no underground car parks and every condo comes with just ONE (1) car park. Then again, the price is only starting from RM228,000 and I missed it. Let’s not talk about the price today, condo prices are not yet certain unless there are more condos being launched and all taken up. IJM has launched another condo and as usual, nearly everything taken up. prices start from RM289,000 if I am not mistaken. Cheap right? Well, in terms of rental, there are already people advertising for RM1,200 in online sites. I have no idea if this price is certain. Have to wait till my brother-in-law rents his out then I may update here again.
wpid-screenshot_2014-04-08-09-43-17.pngTalk about preference. I can safely tell you, NO ONE in Sandakan would prefer to stay in condo compared to a landed property. To them, condo? Apartment? Flats? They are of lower class compared to landed properties. Everything has to start somewhere though and I think IJM may have just started something which will continue well into the future. Oh yeah, why did my brother-in-law buy the place? He has been to my condo in Penang and can see the lifestyle is really not that bad. In fact great getaway for the family either after work or during the weekends and the price is still so affordable why not? Do you think only my brother-in law travels? I think you get my meaning. Perhaps not this year or next year but if we are taking a longer term view, rest assured that condos are here to stay and the lifestyle of anyone and everyone in Sandakan will slowly change to reflect this. Non Gated, Non Guarded Terrace House for RM300,000 or something smaller but with facilities? You decide. Sigh, I missed the Shareda property show in Sandakan.
written on 9 April 2014.
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  1. My half secondary school time was there. I think one of the main reason is due to weak earthquake in Sandakan.

    1. you were from Sandakan too? What a small world! Haha.

  2. i am from sandakan too~ do u thk is stil the best place to invest property?

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