5 Reasons why I like Kelana Puteri, today.

I have no intention to sell Kelana Puteri. Not yet anyway. However, if you would like a HIGH DENSITY condo with the following five reasons, you may want to think about buying a unit, either for own stay or for investment.
Price Affordability. At just RM400,000 – RM450,000, depending on whether it is renovated or not, this works out to just RM379 – RM426 psf. Whether or not the new launches are high density or low density or even an entry level condo with minimum facilities, RM426 psf is unheard already. Typically new launches today are RM500psf or higher, even if it is on the fringes of what you consider as far. In other words, compared to new launches, this is 17-31% lower.
Price Comparison. Irregardless of whatever condos you may be comparing it against nearby or surrounding it, Kelana Puteri is not just competitive but it’s the lowest priced. This is despite the fact that the rental is comparable to the slightly higher priced condos nearby, if your unit is fully renovated and furnished. Think Zenith, Kelana Putera, Kelana Mahkota. Unless the other condos do not increase in price, otherwise, Kelana Puteri’s price psf would continue to inch up.
kelana puteriLocation. It is in the middle of everywhere. Sunway, Damansara, Puchong and of course right next to places like SS2, SS4, SS3 etc. Food courts are nearby. Famous Pizza, Crab restaurants, Steamboat and during lunch a famous chicken rice which you have to queue up are all just 1-3 minutes away. Paradigm Mall or Kelana Station is just 10 minutes if you really want to walk. I bought it few years ago because of its location and I still love the location today after having stayed there for nearly one year. If you have kids, there’s a good children’s clinic just 60 steps away. Touch wood but if there’s emergency, Kelana Jaya Medical Centre is just 50 steps away.
Facilities. I do not want to talk about things I do not use but it has a walking track and a children’s park which is very usable. My baby loves the kiddy pool and every evening I can see people swimming in the huge pool and there’s even a coach teaching small kids how to swim for a fee. There are two tennis courts which are no longer new but are fully usable. There’s two squash courts but only one is usable today and this is used every week by a few people whom I should be able to beat easily. J There’s a very good beautician too whom my wife frequents every few weeks. According to her, it’s cheaper than Penang!
Design. There are condos which design I do not like. Kitchens which are too small. Nowhere to hang my clothes to dry etc. Kelana Puteri has a well thought of design and you can easily have a wet and dry kitchen too if you wish. The rooms are not huge but it is more than sufficient and ALL rooms has windows! The living room is also easy to design and sun light shines in everyday easily. I do not like DARK living rooms and I prefer the hot sun anytime because truth is, I can use curtains to block the sun light easily.
These are only five PERSONAL reasons why I like Kelana Puteri. If you think like me, then you may want to come and take a look. There’s no need to contact me, I have no intention to sell currently. However, go to any online sites and I bet there are some units for sale. Happy searching for your unit of choice.
Written on 4 April 2014
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