When we do not change, we stay the same. Oops…

I love to have lunch and coffee with different people every now and then. I learn new things every time this happens and I do not mind to pay for the coffee and the meal especially to people whom I could learn from and share some of my perspectives too. In the real estate industry, I have met so many really capable and knowledgeable people and they remained ever down-to-earth and always willing to share and to all these people, I will forever be grateful.

Recent conversation with a few senior managers in the corporate world. A few were complaining that the current work environment is stressing them out. Furthermore, competition is getting tougher and the company may face grave danger in the future. They shared that there were so many things which were beyond their control that the best thing they could do is just to take everyday as it happens and just go with the flow.

I asked if they have something which they intend to do in their mind. A business? A second job? Something for the world? Most have some idea(s) which they would love to try out one of these days in the future. When asked when will that happen and why not now, they answered that everyday, when they arrive home, they were already very tired. They prefer to relax so as to be able to continue working hard the next day.

Dear everyone, let’s remember that when we were young, we had no money, no opportunity and no experience. When we started working, we have little money, some opportunities and little experience. After working for 10 years maybe we have a good monthly salary, many business networks and even sufficient expertise with something which we may have been doing for many years. Look again, so when should we start something new? It may just be now.

The issue is this. After many years of working, we got comfortable. Every month, we get our pay, we enjoy the little things we enjoy. We go for vacations occasionally and thus spend a lot of what we saved. We spend our time watching our favourite drama on television or on our smartphones and thus spent a lot of our extra time which could have been used for something with wealth creation potential maybe. So, what has changed? Practically nothing much anymore.

When nothing changes with what we do, nothing changes with what we will achieve (those things we dreamt / aspire about). When we are always tired every time we reach home and watch 2 hours of tv before we go to sleep, we would have spent nothing less than 730 hours every year. I have no idea what could we have done with an extra 730 hours but certainly we could use it for a lot more than just watching dramas. (or playing a never ending smartphone game).

This article serves as a reminder to me that I need to keep evolving. I need to keep reading more and writing my views so that I have a reference to go back to in the future. I should also for this one resource, everyone has the same amount; TIME. If it is to be, then it’s up to me. Well, unless of course that fresh graduate has a father who owns a listed company and could then arrange for a super fast-track route for his son / daughter to learn from all the experienced managers and to take over from him when he retires in the future. For the rest with a day job, remember that when we could not change for the better if we kept doing the same thing every day.

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