Forest reserve in Selangor de-gazetted to prevent bushfires. (I learnt…)

What are your thoughts on forest reserves? Should we be protecting all the forest reserves at all costs? Having been to many forest reserves in Malaysia, I think we should preserve them unless of course there are really valid reasons. For example, for catalytic logistics project such as East Cost Rail Link (ECRL). Another example, a research university on bio-diversity right next to a forest reserve, maybe? Anyway, you get my idea.

Both examples would provide long term benefits and with more economic activities, we could even have more funds to build some sustainable features to attract even more visitors to the forest reserve. By the way, in this whole mother earth, “rainforests are naturally limited to a relatively small area.” (Source here) There’s another reason being stated for a proposalto de-gazette a forest reserve in Selangor.

Article in here. Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari said the state government’s decision to allow development in a permanent forest reserve in Kuala Langat was a good idea because the peat forest in the land no longer had the “characteristics” of a permanent forest reserve as 40% of it was depleted and frequently caught fire. The Selangor state government was planning to de-gazette 930.93ha (97.1%) of the 958ha Kuala Langat (North) Forest Reserve for a mixed development project.

He said this about the plan, “Therefore we want to change this area to make it more appropriate with its surrounding areas. In front of it, we will have a Selangor Business Capital development by the Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS). The development next to it (Gamuda Cove) is owned by Gamuda. This (proposal) is also to prevent forest fires, a problem that threatened the ecosystem here a while ago.” This plan is only in proposal stage. The public has until March 5 to submit their feedback to the Selangor Forestry Department. The full Article in here.

I think the public, especially Selangorians should made their mind known to the state government. The MB is also encouraging everyone to give their feedback because this is just a proposal and there are also reasons behind the proposal too as he has explained. It’s not going to be useful if no one does anything and then only make noise later on if they really do not like this proposal. The period lapses on 5th March 2020 yeah. Happy providing feedbacks.

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