High Speed Rail (HSR) by Japan?

The High Speed Rail (HSR) between Malaysia – Singapore is something which a few countries have expressed interest in. Many are using their technology as an important winning factor. In fact even in terms of total costs today, I seriously think there is no huge difference whether its an Asian company or even a European one. Even when we look at the currencies, just look at Euro currency, it has gone down a lot. Needless to say, the Japanese Yen may just be that trump card needed for them to win if it comes down to just the price after all other considerations. It actually costs less to travel to Japan today than a few years ago! Yes, for those who do not realise that yet. 🙂
In his working visit to Japan, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that the Japanese government had been aggresive in expressing interest for this project and they are promoting the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) for this project. I have been to Japan twice and in my second time there, I travelled extensively in her network of bullet trains. From Tokyo to Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and all the way till Fukuoka. The bullet trains were all on time down to seconds! I know, some would have a cynical look whether Malaysia’s HSR can be the same. My experience thus far with the ETS (Ipoh to KL) has been very good and sometimes, it arrive ahead of time very slightly. This was also the case for the KLIA express. I think I have taken it slightly over 10 times and have never experienced any delay thus far.
Japan’s Prime Minister told Muhyiddin that their technology as well as system is the best. This is especially with its 100% safety record for its bullet train, also known as Shinkansen. Of course this safety record is not only due to the systems but also due to human. For this aspect, let me be frank, Japanese are by far much more ‘serious’ compared to anyone in the world today. Just look at the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan versus the earthquake in New Zealand or even the floods in America. Oh yeah, who would win? I prefer the Asians to win. Sorry to the potential European bidder. I also prefer lots of technology transfer. Haha. As if I am one of those who can make a decision in this right? Will keep everyone updated.
written on 16 Mar 2015
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