Has COVID-19 changed property demand?

Property demand has to come from actual people in need of a roof over their heads. With the slowdown in property transactions having been around since 2013 all the way to end 2017, everything seemed bleak. Then, we had a very small increase in transactions in 2018 followed by another positive year in 2019 with the help from Home Ownership Campaign (HOC). This has however been stopped in its track because of COVID-19. So… has COVID-19 really changed the property demand?

Many people say after this, everyone will stop buying property for some time. At the same time, they are also staying that everyone will be working from home. Hello… make up your mind lah. Buy or no buy? 🙂 They also say property prices will drop. However, I still have friends who are complaining to me why THAT particular property price still not yet drop. Haha. Spare cash is king but these buyers will still have to wait for the owner of that property to fall into financial difficulty first… right? Let me share more with everyone yeah.

My slides are ready and prepared for this upcoming session. Honoured to be invited by IQI to share my thoughts on this heavy topic. There will be lots of facts and numbers so that we have a base to start understanding what’s really happening to the demand for property. I will seek to answer this question on everyone’s mind. “Has COVID-19 changed property demand?” At 830pm tomorrow, I will share this FB LIVE in my FB page. (click here to LIKE yeah) See you tomorrow.

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