Elon Musk wants freedom. Selling his homes. Do you want your freedom too?

Do you know who is Elon Musk? He is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX. You have to know that Tesla is a manufacturer of electric cars. SpaceX has a vision of one day transporting people to Mars. One earlier article about how affordable it is to one day travel to Mars from Earth. When Earth gets too expensive, let’s move to Mars So, yea, he is quite a famous guy who has a networth of US$39.6billion (RM170 billion). Recently, he said he wants “freedom” and that’s why he intends to “own no house.” Now, let’s have some idea how much property he has, shall we?

Article in forbes.com One of the home which has appeared for sale is that which once belonged to actor Gene Wilder. It appeared on Zillow for sale with an asking price of US$9.5 million (RM40.9 million). The description of the house says that it was the former homeof Gene Wilder, best known for playing Willy Wonka. The property faces the Bel-Air Country Club Golf Course.

Another of his homes is also a For Sale By Owner on Zillow and this is a 16,251 square-foot French Chateaustyle six-bedroom, 11-bath home in Lower Bel Air. It has an asking price of US$30 million( RM129 million). It also has a two-story library, theatre, wine cellar, pool,fruit orchard, lighted championship tennis court and a 5-car garage too as some of its amenities. Bel Air has some of the highest-priced homes in Los Angeles and has long been a celebrity home base. Please do read the full article for more details. Article in forbes.com

Elon Musk is 48 years old this year. And he wants his freedom. So,he has started to sell his homes. Any kopiandproperty.my readers here thinking of the same thing? Selling all your properties so that you have your freedom? Okay, perhaps not during current COVID-19 situation but let’s say after COVID-19 pandemic? For those who are thinking the same, congratulations, you have reached Elon’s level of achievement.

As for me, this ‘freedom’ thought may also be on my mind but that would be after I retire and may just want to do more travelling. If that comes true, then yeah, I do not think I want to own any property. Let me be free by then. For all the rest, a better time to stop owning a property is after we retire. Sell all the properties and just stay anywhere you want. Before that happens, please keep investing and make sure property is one of it. Happy understanding and do go and test drive a TESLA. I heard it’s exhilarating.

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