Good value for me. Buying fish online.

This is my first time buying fish online and have it delivered to me. More about that shortly. When it comes to fishes, I have driven to Kuala Selangor a couple of times and bought a few hundred ringgit worth of fish and brought it back using an ice-box. Plus eating seafood in one of those restaurants as well as visiting the famous temples etc. Relaxing trip anyway. So, Movement Control Order (MCO) came and well, we need to continue eating fish, right?

After some searches, I found this package from My Fishman called Malaysia Fisherman Box 2020. It says that it is helping the fishermen to continue selling their seafood because that’s how they earn a living yeah. There were a few package but if you understand fish prices in some supermarkets, you will realise that hey, RM300 is equivalent to just 6-7kg of fish. Example, a decent sized garoupa would be RM40 / kg while a decent sized Senangin (my favourite) would be RM42 / kg. Of course if it’s a red snapper, then RM50plus per kg is common. Could be slightly less expensive if the fish size is smaller.

What did I buy? Image below. This is their website.

What did I get for my RM300? One Red Snapper 1.15kg, Sting-ray 1.3kg, Big Sea prawn x 15, Barramundi x 800gm, Senangin x 2 x 750gm, Garoupa x 2 x 700gm, Kembung x 14 pieces. All cleaned, nicely packed and the whole package comes in a properly sealed carton box. Images as below for reference yeah. Unfortunately, this RM300 box is sold out as at currently when I referred to it.

Yes, I am satisfied and happy. As per the website, the fish comes from fishermen in Kuala Selangor too. Here’s that website again. Happy evaluating and buying if you also think it’s good value for money. In case you like to know the typical life of a fishermen? Here’s their video in the website.

Update as at 6th April 2020. I found another seafood online site. I have not tried it yet.

If anyone has experienced this, please help to comment okay. Thank you for your kind help to all other Malaysian households who may just need fresh fish instead of just chicken, chicken and chicken… Cheers.

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