61% of the world’s women billionaires are in ASIA… (guess which country?)

Please do not guess the U.S. yeah. It’s not in Asia. Singapore is meanwhile a very small country, even if they do have quite a number of billionaires. Okay, it’s also not that hard to be a billionaire if they exchanged their SGD into Ringgit since it’s SGD1 to RM3.06 (as at 2h March 2020). So, yeah, it’s China. Hardly surprising right? Then again, we are talking about women billionaires yeah.

Does that mean women have better chances in China versus women in all the advanced economies? There’s no such conclusion yeah. One thing is real and has happened. By the way the billionaire here refers to those with their assets calculated in USD yeah. So, technically they are multi-billionaires if it’s in RM. We will write about the Malaysian billionaires in the near future. For now, let’s clap our hands for these women.

Article in thestar.com.my According to a recently released Hurun list of 100 self-made women billionaires from 16 countries, China has 61% of the world’s self-made women entrepreneurs with fortunes of more than a billion US dollars. This is 4% up year on year. The United States women billionaires are second while the United Kingdom is third. China’s total meanwhile is by far more than the U.S. or the UK.

United States have 19 and the UK has 6. All are self-made billionaires yeah. Based on the list, Zhong Huijuan a 59-year-old Chinese entrepreneur who started a pharmaceutical company empty-handed is the world’s richest self-made women billionaire with 106 billion yuan (US$15.1bil). Within the top 10 list, 9 are from China. City wise, these cities in China has self-made women billionaires. They include Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai and newcomers into the list from Hangzhou and Xiamen too. Please do read the full Article in thestar.com.my

Well, as the typical calculations grow, one needs to just earn US$1 from every Chinese in China per month and it’s already over a billion dollars. Multiply that by 12 and suddenly we realise this, ‘no wonder lah these women could become a billionaire faster than those in other countries…’ Then again, it’s worth nothing that the country must also have the market for these women billionaires to earn such an income every month yeah. China is already the world’s second largest economy. Really thinking of becoming a billionaire? Think of how to break into China yeah. It has a population of probably 1.4 billion today. Happy thinking about it. Just remember to take some actions.

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