Gen-X: Stability, strategy and investing in property

Sometimes, when I speak to Gen-Xers about property investment, I have a feeling that they believe the best times have passed by. Many felt that today, everything is already too expensive and not worth risking their savings for. Perhaps they are right in some ways. This is especially so when they have just one property in a prime area and this property has appreciated a lot. However, they were not willing to sell because with the money they get, they could not get back a similar place. Funny but true. Secondary areas further away just do not appeal to them. They have stayed in the same area for the past 15 to 20 years. Ring any bells?
Think a little bit further. Read some good books and be a little more active in attending free talks / seminars during property fairs. Objectively, selling the current home we stay for surplus funds and using some of it to buy somewhere further but with accessibility is a much better strategy than to stay put and well procrastinate. I say procrastinate because every Gen-Xer I spoke to understood the importance of property investment. Yet, saying is one thing and taking concrete actions is another. Regardless of the appreciation in property price, if we have done nothing with it, we gain nothing from it. Oh yeah, if we sell it later for our children’s education, we may find out that tuition fees have also risen appropriately.
Well, for those who have done extremely well in both career and investments (not necessarily property), they are already in their 40s and could partially retire if they so wish. Hopefully, I would not need to work full time until 56. The only constant in this world is change. Sometimes, for the worst. I constantly remind myself and many close friends that we deserve the salary we currently earn only if the company continues to do well and we keep improving. Just look at the sudden retrenchments that has been happening lately not just within Malaysia but everywhere throughout the world? Are we prepared to work for a lower pay should we lose our current high-paying job?
Honestly, those nearer to 50 years of age are always at a disadvantage when looking for a new job if there are other applicants who are younger but is qualified enough and most of the time, earning a lower pay too. I would be very sad if I have to keep working because I have to. Read here. Thinking back is not necessary, too late for that. Thinking ahead in terms of how we should reposition what we have to earn more profits should be a key thought currently. My fellow Gen-Xers, I hope you agree with me. Happy working and investing.
written on 9 May 2016
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