Bangsar South? Reasons and choices

I was at Bangsar South’s Capri Hotel for breakfast the other day with a VIP. The cafe, Capricious was full of hotel guests and the VIP whom I was meeting told me that when he first started to stay in the hotel maybe about a year ago, this was not the case. There were not many guests. It meant that today, the hotel is doing extremely well. Perhaps that’s also because all the visitors to the offices in Bangsar South would choose to stay nearby? It’s pretty jammed during peak hours as everyone would note. Thus, a nearby and decent hotel would solve all time related problems.
bangsarsouth1I think Bangsar South is also very attractive as an office destination. I recently learnt that Bangsar South would be one of the few choices that the company I work with may be relocating to. I think it’s a pretty good location because it has fast access to most of everywhere and is just minutes away from Mid Valley Megamall. Public transport is also easy. Take a look at all of them in the image. I think for those working here, the options are straightforward. Stay nearby or take the public transport. Else, arrive really early. Say, before 715am?
bangsarsouthFor those intending to stay really nearby, the newer options may seem a little expensive but there are still some affordable options; smaller units or older ones. Take a look at some available ones. Fortunately there are still choices. Unfortunately, it’s either one instead of both. Nearly forgotten, perhaps getting a job which pays much higher may help too? Haha.
Anyway, I do think Bangsar South would grow in popularity. Just look at all the new office towers coming up. With connectivity, these should be occupied pretty soon, especially when compared to the older office buildings. Life’s not fair sometimes when companies could choose between newer and more modern versus older buildings. It’s not their fault, really. Look at the Gen-Yers of today. If they went for two interviews, one at a new office and another at an old building, both paying almost similar salaries, which would they choose? Happy deciding.
written on 6 Apr 2016
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