Football has restarted! More on the way.

It’s a very delicate balance between the economy and the threat from the COVID-19 threat. Too tight for too long and the economy will find it hard to restart since the businesses have all had to fully close down. Too loose and we suddenly have the COVID-19 infection cases rising again. Not all are bad news. We can also feel grateful if we look at the positive angle too: Yes, there are certainly positive news

Moving on, we have good news from the football scene. It’s right here in ASIA. It was a 1-0 victory for South Korean’s Jeonbuk Motors (2019 league champion) over Suwon Bluewings (2019 FA Cup winner). Yes, the K League has started on Friday (8th May 2020). This is not all. Bundesliga will be restarting on 16th May 2020. English Premier League is slated to start in June 2020 too.

Updated on 11th May. La Liga is aiming to restart on 12th June 2020. (Yes, this is the league where Barcelona and Real Madrid is in. This is also where Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are playing too.)

Article in K League kicked off in an empty stadium. A few officials were around including the managers and all were wearing masks. All the masks have the brand of their sponsors printed. Handshakes were banned but players bump fists at the end. Players were not allowed to spit or talk at close proximity to each other. The atmosphere was quiet one though there were the occasional crowd noise piped in. (said to sound like if it’s real!) Final whistle meanwhile was met by deafening silence. The match ended with Jeonbuk Motors winning with a header. Final score was 1-0 versus Suwon Bluewings. Do read the full article here: Article in

You may have read how many football teams are struggling financially when their leagues were stopped. Sponsorships are also stopping for even the famous football teams too and this meant that the smaller and less famous teams will suffer tremendously. Here in Malaysia, one of such football giant, Selangor has also announced that they are trying their best to secure their current sponsors. Without sponsors, salaries of players would have to be cut…

This is similar for businesses too. If they are closed, they have no chance to even earn a little to cover some of their costs. If they are open and there were 20-30% of their usual sales numbers, then at least they have these 20-30%. Just be reminded again that normalisation is a gradual process and there is no such thing as fully open and the malls are fully occupied with visitors again. If that were to happen, I will be very worried too. Happy normalising yeah.

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