Economic outlook and working from home, do they mix well?

Economic outlook and working from home, do they mix well?

Working from home favoured by many employees

Majority would prefer to earn the same pay and yet could work from home. That’s a lot of savings in time, money and mental health; no traffic jam, no stress. Actually, at best, this would be temporary and more and more companies will be getting their employees back to office. This is not just the traditional businesses yeah. It includes all the technology firms and the below company’s new owner has told all the employees to ‘come back to office’ to work. No more working from home.

Article in New Twitter Inc. owner Elon Musk emailed his workers for the first time late Wednesday to prepare them for “difficult times ahead” and ban remote work unless he personally approved it.

Musk said there was “no way to sugarcoat the message” about the economic outlook and how it will affect an advertising-dependent company like Twitter. The new rules, which kick in immediately, will expect employees to be in the office for at least 40 hours per week.

He has also eliminated “days of rest” from Twitter staff calendars. Musk wrote, “The road ahead is arduous and will require intense work to succeed.” The full article here: Article in

Twitter was not the first, will not be the last

50% of all companies want their employees to be back to office. Article in here.

US Bank wants employees back to office three days a week. Full article here.

Companies luring employees back to office. Full Article here in here.

Google wants employees to be back to office. Full article in

Bossess are winning the battle to get workers back to office. Full article in here.

9 out of 10 companies would want employees back to office starting 2023. Full article in

Disagree if you like, working from home may make you lose your job (especially if your pay is high…)

If we could work from home and we could complete our work and there is no need to be in the office at all, what this meant is that anyone from anywhere in the world who could do our role for less money could replace us. Frankly, nothing beats a coffee together in the morning with colleagues and bosses and that occasional townhall where everyone gets first hand information and could actually meet one another, laugh together and happy hour after work together.

However, if all these are no longer happening and online meetings are the norm, tell me why everyone needs to be in the same city… or state or even country. Just interview and get the best people for the lowest cost possible and the company could spend less, earn more and perhaps even rewards these lower paid employees better too. Win-Win for everyone.

In case everyone has forgotten, many of these employees in developing countries also got their degrees from the same universities as the more expensive employees who says they only want to work from home… Happy debating though by 2023, it will be clear whether more people would work from home or more would be working from office. Cheers.

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