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Travelling to Hong Kong? Tips to handle the 0+3 here.

Travelling to Hong Kong? Tips to handle the 0+3 here. (Why is it called 0+3? 0 means no need for any quarantine days and 3 is observation / monitoring days until you are fully cleared. It used to be 7 days of compulsory quarantine even if you are a Hong Konger returning to Hong Kong just before this 0+3 arrangement)

A friend thought Hong Kong is still under strict lockdowns. He thought people are still staying home and shops are under restrictions etc. I think I need to explain on behalf of Hong Kong which has just moved into 0+3 travelling arrangement just a few weeks back. I think it’s fair to say that despite some inconveniences from the 0+3 arrangements, it is relatively easy to travel to Hong Kong and even moving around Hong Kong when we are there right from the first day we arrive.

Food and Nai Cha is still as good as ever

The ‘Nai Cha’ (tea with milk) is still as good as ever and the quality is similar or better when you visit different cafes. After drinking no less than 30 cups recently, I can say not a single cup was under the below-average rating. Yes, it’s that consistent. Meanwhile I had many meals of roasted meat too. Yes, I ate at many of the good restaurants based on locals. My HK friends brought me here and there. Amazing when you have many friends in a foreign place.I jJust need to do the same for them when they come to Malaysia.

Some photos at the end of this article. take a look!

Before you board the plane

Before you board the plane, do a self-test within 24 hours before your flight. Yes, do it at the comforts of your home.

Note – Bring along maybe a dozen of self-test kits as well as you will need to use 7 of them when you are in Hong Kong.

For the self-test before the flight, you do not need to go to any specific clinic or lab. Do it, take a photo of it, keep the test with you and show it if required. I was only asked to show the photo of the test at the airport. You will however need to complete an online Health Declaration Form which takes you probably 15-20 minutes since this may be the first time.

Once filled up, you will be given a green Health Declaration QR Code. (see below sample) This is the link to the Health Declaration Form. https://www.chp.gov.hk/hdf/ You NEED this to board the plane yeah.

Please also download the LeaveHomeSafe app (click here to read more). It will be displaying your Amber / Blue Code and you will need to use it like MySejahtera whenever you need to enter any venue.

When you arrive in Hong Kong

At the airport, someone will do PCR test for you. The whole process was smooth and quick. It took me less than 5 minutes to get past that PCR testing station. Your Code is now under AMBER COLOUR. In short, it means you can go to most places and buy things BUT you cannot sit down at any cafe to drink a cup of coffee and definitely not able to sit down for a meal. Yes, you can buy that coffee and you can buy all the dim sums you like to eat. You just have to eat it at your hotel…

The 0 day PCR Test (Day 0 means the day you arrived)

The results would be made known to you within the next day. I got my result in the wee hours in the morning of Day 1. (refer image above). Just need to ensure you could receive the SMS update yeah. Activate your roaming or get a sim card from any convenience store. I got mine in the Hong Kong airport and the staff helped me to get it activated in 10 minutes.

Must-Do Self-Test from Day 1 until Day 7 and Report it

PCR Test is not the only one. You will need to do self-test everyday and report it too. Every morning, do a self-test, take a photo and report it under the Medical Surveilance System. This is the link. https://nhqsdata.hqss.ogcio.gov.hk/ibt/#/login Yes, I did it without fail and I brought in my own self-test kits which could be purchased easily all over Malaysia. Please do not ask what happens if you did not do. You are in a foreign country, better just follow…

The Day 2, Day 4 and Day 6 PCR Tests

These must be done at designated centres. It’s FREE. Book those centres in advance and be there. You will not need to queue like those without appointments if you have an appointment. They have centres everywhere. Just find one nearest to your hotel. I found one which is around 1.6km away. I walk there daily since it’s just 20 minutes of healthy walking. This is the link: https://booking.communitytest.gov.hk/form/index.jsp The temperature in Hong Kong these days are also conducive for walking too.

Typical temprature as below.

Your AMBER Code will become Blue Code on morning of Day 3.

Mine turned blue at around 9am on Day 3. So, on Day 3, I had my first lunch in a restaurant nearby the hotel. Look at my happy face here:

IF your PCR showed positive for Covid-19 infection (hopefully not!)

The day your PCR showed positive is considered Day 1. Your code will now become red. You are now prohibited from going out and must be isolated. From my understanding, being isolated within the hotel is possible. So, do ask the hotel if your PCR test unfortunately showed that you are Covid positive.

For most Malaysians, we are fully vaccinated with even a booster shot, so the below applies:

“People who have received at least two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine can complete their isolation when they get negative rapid antigen test (RAT) results on both Days 6 and Day 7 (or two consecutive days thereafter) after they declared their positive results on the government website.” 

If you have been Covid positive before (there’s advantage for you yeah)

This is from the thehkhub.com

“Before the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) issues an inbound traveller who tests positive for the virus a red code, it will assess whether the traveller:

  • Provided a negative RAT result within 24 hours before arriving in Hong Kong.
  • Declared a past infection or symptoms on their online pre-departure form.
  • Provided a date of their previous infection.

The CHP will then determine whether the traveller has a recent infection, is a recovered patient, or a repositive case. If they are recovered or repositive, they will not get a red code. They will, however, still have to take their Day 2, 4, and 6 PCR tests. If the CHP determines the traveller contracted a recent infection, they will get a red health code and an isolation order.”

In short, if you have been infected before, please declare it properly. If you did, then you may be considered under a repositive case and your code will not turn into RED.

If we are having an Amber code…where could we go?

We could still go to these places:

  1. Places of work
  2. Shopping malls
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Wet markets
  5. Business-to-business (B2B) conventions and exhibitions

We could NOT go to these places:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Hair salons or barber shops
  3. Religious establishments
  4. Amusement game centres
  5. Bathhouses
  6. Fitness centres
  7. Amusement centres
  8. Places of public entertainment
  9. Party rooms
  10. Beauty parlours
  11. Club houses
  12. Nightclubs, bars and pubs
  13. Karaoke establishments
  14. Mahjong-tin kau premises
  15. Massage establishments
  16. Sports premises
  17. Swimming pools
  18. Cruise ships
  19. Temporary event venues

Information available at HK Hub

Yes, I think it’s now possible to visit HK with the 0+3 arrangement

Everything is working as usual. One thing I noticed would be there are less people which is expected as Hong Kong hardly receives overseas visitors these days. The days when Hong Kong is a favourite place for many people has shifted to a place where people would only go if there are any official matters. When I arrived in the the Hong Kong airport, it was quiet. Not really void of people but does not have the vibrancy which I am used to. I think I have visited Hong Kong no less than 6 times before Covid-19.

Perhaps this 0+3 may see more visitors. From conversations with Hong Kongers, 0+3 arrangement may be around for some time more and unlikely to move into full lifting of all restrictions soon. I think I will write another article on where to stay in Hong Kong next. I happened to stay at a nice area this trip; North Point. It’s not so crowded like places nearby Tsim Tsa Tsui or even Wan Chai for example. Yet, all other places are easily accessible.

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