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Disneyland in Melaka? Disney says…

Disneyland in Melaka? Disney says…

Well, someone announced it. Media reported it and now Disney has also given their clarification. Briefly, they said, NO. As for how did this Melaka exco got the nerve and confidence to announce such a news is beyond me. Probably need to wait for his own explanation then. Amazing run around the garden indeed. That earlier announcement and also Disney’s clarification here:

My Disneyland visits (real visits, not some dreamy announcement)

I have been to two Disneylands thus far. The one in Paris, France and the one in Hong Kong. Latest photos of both of them as below (from their site ok…) If you are thinking of going to the one in Paris, go ahead and book tickets! If it’s the Hong Kong one, here’s the link:

Do bear in mind that for Hong Kong, there’s the 0+3 arrangement to prevent Covid from getting out of hand. Read here for the tips to handle the 0+3. Article: Travelling to Hong Kong. Tips to handle the 0+3

It’s the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris
As at 17th Nov, HK Disneyland is running a promo for the 2-day ticket

What if Disneyland really does open in Melaka?

Disneyland Hong Kong received 6 million visitors per year before the pandemic hit us. Stats source here. Meanwhile Disneyland Paris, France received aroud 10 million visitors per year. Stats source here. Let’s assume that Melaka will receive half that of Hong Kong’s visitors? That would be 3 million per year. It’s still around 250,000 visitors per month and that’s a substantial number for Melaka actually. Melaka’s population is around 550,000 yeah. Before pandemic, it used to receive close to 14 million visitors per year BEFORE pandemic.

If Disneyland could attract even more tourists, that means even more accommodation is needed. Even more chicken rice ball restaurants have to be opened. Even more Nyonya restaurants have to be opened and everything lah. So, yes, it would bring lots of economic benefits to Melaka if it does come.

Would Disneyland come to Melaka?

Actually all these theme parks do not just choose a place in the middle of nowhere to open one. It has to be at a place where there are already existing infrastructure and connectivity. INTERNATIONAL airport for example. HIGH SPEED TRAIN for example… and well, all the other roads and perhaps even some cruise ships as well? These are issues yeah. Melaka does not have an International Airport, does not have a High Speed Rail station and does not currentl receive international cruise ships. So… perhaps these should be answered first before we talk further about anything else.

Well, we can always wish and hope that the happiest place on earth would one day be open in Malaysia or Melaka specifically.

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