Developer’s Open Showhouses. Chinese New Year.

The number of visits to for the day before and 1st day of Chinese New Year has dropped. Of course this has been expected because the same thing happened last year. Thus, let’s focus on something related to Chinese New Year holidays this time. During Chinese New Year holidays, the property advertisements increased many times more than usual. Yes, especially if you still buy newspapers. Many are advertising their open showrooms during this holiday. Pity their staffs but then again many of them get overseas trips and even good bonuses when the developer did well? So, yes these sacrifices does have its rewards.
Actually, it’s a good time to visit these showrooms. Your family members are all home. If you really like a certain property, decision can be made instantly and the next reunion may be at your new home.Actually, there is also little reason for your parents to stay in a huge home which would only be occupied during that few days by everyone every year. Alternatively for those who felt that your current home is too small because of the expanding family members , this is also the time to search for a bigger home.
Besides easier decision making, these are the times when there are special incentives. The developers do know that they should not miss this opportunity because to get everyone together again will be hard. thus special Chinese New Year angpows, discounts or even other promotions is a usual case. Oh yeah, if there are developers offering nothing extra special, I think you may want to skip them. The reason is because if the sales has been way too awesome, they do not need to force their staffs to work during holidays. As for whether are they desperate, I do not think majority of the newer projects are because they would been priced much more affordably these days. For older projects which are still selling after over 18 months, I can only wish them the best. Do remember, buyers of today are much more informed and it’s much harder to shout ‘special offer’ when it’s not really anything special.
Chinese New Year is thus more than just reunion. It’s also the time to reflect on your property plans for the future. Safety for your parents, convenience for all family members to have a home to come home to and even just some renovations or rejuvenations. No wonder property fairs and even developer’s show rooms are all open during this festive season. Happy Chinese New Year.
written on 20 Feb 2015
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