Be thankful that we are restricted at our home. Some may be less lucky.

Is it tough to stay home and NOT going out? Apparently, it’s so tough that people are willing to risk driving far away from their home, got caught and may face the prospect of fine and jail time. There was even one news of someone shouting rudely at police officers who were facing high risk of infection just to do their job. Today is the day 15th of the Movement Control Order (MCO). Yes, I do prefer to face traffic jam and yet is able to go anywhere I want versus staying at home for the next 2 weeks. What’s worse than staying home? Well, how about having a place to call home? That minimum requirement; a shelter?

Article in In the city centre, some 510 homeless people have been homed in two transit and four community centres by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). This is to keep them safe while the MCO is in place. KL mayor, Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan, said, “We will continue looking for them in the capital and saving them throughout the MCO. Some are in hiding to protect against COVID-19.”

He added all these homeless were put through a COVID-19 test before they are homed and so far no one has tested positive. He said the placement is based on three categories: the healthy, those with a communicable disease, mental illness and drug abuse issues, as well as non-citizens. He said non-governmental organisations are welcome to contribute to these shelters but they must get the help of the Welfare Department (JKM) and “follow the National Security Council (MKN) SOP (standard operating procedure) Article in

It’s worth nothing that housing remains the single most expensive thing in what we spend every month, most of the time. In fact in some countries, the mortgage is could be as high as 70% of what they earn every month. Rental too. Read here: Rent Insanity This is why it’s a logical step to buy a home, even if it’s just a small one, just an affordable one, just one 35km from the city centre, whatever. Buy one. Happy understanding.

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