Covid-19 latest update. Below 20,000 cases for first time since 10 Feb.

Covid-19 latest update. Below 20,000 cases for first time since 10 Feb.

What is endemic and are we not under pandemic still?

Many people are still wondering why everything seems to be moving towards normalisation when the total Covid-19 cases continue to be 20,000 or more. Malaysia is seeking to move towards the endemic phase; living with the virus versus living without it. Treating it as endemic means we are taking the approach like Singapore, Australia, UK, America and more versus the approach of China or Hong Kong.

Well, our Covid-19 cases have dipped below 20,000 for the first time since 10 Feb. As for the latest news on Covid-19, please refer below.

Article in COVID: Number of cases drop to below 20,000 yesterday – Health DG. The last time Covid-19 positive cases was below 20,000 cases was on 10 Feb 2022. Total recovery was 28,250 and this exceeded total new cases as well. Infectivity rate (Rt) was 0,93 nationwide. Five states recorded more than 50 per cent usage of critical case beds or at the Intensive Care Units (ICU), namely Kuala Lumpur (67 per cent), Johor (66 per cent), Perlis (64 per cent), Kelantan (58 per cent) and Selangor (56 per cent). Do read here for more details: Article in

Precautions continue to be needed

The news is not to tell you that everything is okay. This news is to tell you that number of cases are really on a downtrend but it is still close to 20,000 cases per day. This is not a small number and can suddenly spike again if we take it lightly. Staying safe with sufficient precautions remain the best way to handle and yes, 1st April 2022 will be the day when we welcome international visitors again. Earlier news here: Malaysia fully reopens international borders from 1st April 2022. What are the implications?

Stay safe. Masks are necessary.

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