Covid-19 infections may STILL get higher, okay?

I have shared a few times in a few Whatsapp groups and I think I should also share here too. By the way, in case we did not know, UK had over 50,000 cases per day yesterday (16th July). Are they implementing a full lockdown? No…

Are they NOT vaccinated then? NO… they are well on their way towards 70% full vaccinations in August.

Are they crazy to continuously open up despite such high numbers of infectivity? Actually, they are just moving ahead and look at hospitalization numbers to guide their decision.

Truth is… there are NO vaccine brands (no matter what you love and wanted to have) which could stop DELTA variant infection as well as earlier variants. US’s cases are also mostly Delta now and they have mostly Pfizer and Moderna… It still does NOT stop the infections. UK’s cases are rising and they are using AZ and Pfizer. It still does NOT stop the new covid-19 cases. However, the vaccinations have a very HIGH capability to prevent hospitalisations. This is the right focus…

  1. 99.2% of all US Covid-19 deaths in June were from people WITHOUT vaccinations (click to read)
  2. Zero hospitalisations in Sydney came from people with full vaccinations as at the time when they start to have rising cases. (click here to read)

Hope this is now clear enough. Start reading about all the different Levels of Infection from all cases. If majority of all cases are Level 1 and Level 2, we need to continue reopening. Lives are important but livelihoods affect by far more Malaysians.

This is also why we will have Operations Surge Capacity too. Read a bit here.

We have no choice but to balance this. Even countries with the best lockdowns and compliant citizens have seen cases rise tremendously because Delta variant is a very different one from earlier variants. One may get infected in just 15 seconds…

Hope this explains a bit more. As for what happens now that the EMCO is over for Selangor and KL and we are in Phase 1 in NRP, the below image is a good guide. Happy doing a little more than what we could under EMCO. Image from


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