Carsome’s HQ gets flexibility with Colony

Carsome’s HQ gets flexibility with Colony

I have written about this many times and I will say again. Working from home cannot be the norm for businesses intending to expand. One does not meet / discuss / negotiate with a VIP customer in a case or the lobby of the condo and certainly not inside the condo! If one continues to want to work from home, just remember to ensure one is ready to look for a job when the company enforced working from office in the future.

It has happened all over the world where working from office is back to norm, not the other way round. Here is one such example between a super fast growing start-up and a co-working space in Malaysia.

Article in Colony Space Asia Sdn Bhd has signed a six-year co-working space deal with integrated car e-commerce platform Carsome, involving 41,860 sqft of office space across four floors of KYM Tower in Mutiara Damansara.

The office space to house Carsome’s expanded headquarters will be built and managed by Colony. Colony said that in addition to this deal, it has also provided Carsome with an option to further increase its workspace by 33% during the six-year period of the deal. Do read the full article here: Article in

Growing fast also meant flexibility is needed

If your company is growing very fast, it may not be that easy to keep up with this growth in manpower when it comes to office space. Hiring more people meant that office space has to be expanded too. Should you buy an office and then having to decide whether to move to a bigger space 12-18 months later? Let’s not even start talking about inconveniences of moving, lost of items etc.

Alternatively, does one take up those rental of 1 or 2 years and then be forced to find another place to rent 12-18 months later if the owner suddenly found a better tenant who is willing to pay higher? Well, perhaps taking up space in a co-working space can provide that flexibility even as the company continues to grow. Let’s see if there are more of such news to validate this flexibility arrangement between companies and co-working spaces.

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