Havoc Hartanah Iskandar Malaysia – Perception versus Reality

If we do not know why we buy at the time we bought, it’s no longer investment. It’s gambling or speculating. If it was because our friends bought and thus we bought, that’s called following, blindly. Both are very far away from what should be a calculated investment. Thus, knowledge is essential. Understanding is critical. Action then becomes vital once taken. There’s one event in Iskandar that you may want to sign up for. It’s organised by a good friend, Rozalina Rahim of Reconsult Plt jointly with IRDA. More details below:
Havoc Hartanah Iskandar Malaysia 2015
Date: 16th& 17th May 2015 (9am – 6pm)
Theme: ISKANDAR MALAYSIA – Perception versus Reality
Venue: Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre (IMIC)
Address: JalanSkudai, Danga Bay, 80200 Johor Bahru from 9am to 6pm.
Day one is in English and Day 2 is in Bahasa Malaysia.
Price: RM50 for one day or RM90 for both days. (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner!)
Contact: rozalinareconsult@gmail.com or rar0811@gmail.com
Additional feature:
There will be 100 Lucky draws for the participants including a special draw of 50 limited seat for the Cashflow Game Session in Bahasa Malaysia (the Cashflow Game by Mekanik Wang & Robert Kiyosaki – the 1st BM version). The Overall winner will bring home a Cashflow Set worth RM500 for Free.
Hari 1 @ 16hb Mei 2015

English Presented By
1 Highway Cash Abang Abu@Mekanik Wang
2. First Time and Affordable Homes for Johoreans in Iskandar Malaysia Encik Khalil Adis
3 Iskandar Malaysia – Perception vs Reality Dr. Daniele Gambero
4. Legal Aspect of Creative Investment Cik Elizabeth Siew
5. How To Pay Less Tax For Your Property Investment Encik Richard Onn
6. Master Your Loan Application Dr. Waqiuddin

Hari 2 @ 17hb Mei 2015

Bahasa Malaysia Disampaikan Oleh
1. Rahsia Kaya Hartanah Dibongkar, Jimat Kos 40% Untuk Hiasan Dalaman Encik Adrian Wee
2 Strategi Membina Portfolio Pelaburan Hartanah RM1 Juta Tuan MKNK
3. Hartanah Luar Bandar & Gen Y Encik Azizul Ali
4. Jom Pencen Awal Dengan Hartanah Cik Rohaniah Noor
5. Memaksimakan Pendapatan Melalui Sublet Encik Safuan Rahman @ Wan InfoLelong
6 Lebuhraya Wang Abang Abu@ Mekanik Wang

kopiandproperty.my is not part of this event and this is just a courtesy annoucement for a good friend. There’s also no need to mention kopiandproperty.my No special further discounts. Haha. Truth is, RM90 is chicken feed compared to the potential for an earlier retirement or even financial security for your loved ones. Of course, word of caution. Investment simply means there are chances for profits and in many instances, losses. Remember to do your homework well and do not just listen to any property guru and buy, buy, buy. You may have to cry, cry, cry later. Happy investing.
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