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Bali tourism sector may be affected with this new law

Bali tourism sector may be affected with this new law. (Not just Bali lah but Bali is one of those visited by the ones whom may be affected yeah.)

I think Bali is a nice place to visit

I have been to Bali many times. First time was for a Toastmasters’ Conference. Second time was with wife. Third time was with my whole family including my parents, brother, sister and their spouse. Fourth time was with my wife’s family; my in-laws. So, you can safely say I love Bali. In fact I do think I will be back there next year. It will be a toss between Phuket and Bali since I would like to go to Hong Kong too. Cannot afford so many international destinations. Must manage the budget lah. However, Bali’s tourism may be affected somewhat yeah. Why do I say so? Read on about a new law in Indonesia.

Article in Indonesia’s decision to outlaw cohabitation and sex outside of marriage may hurt the tourism industry in Bali, travellers and businesses said. Currently, Indonesia bans adultery but not premarital sex. The new criminal code says such activity can only be reported by limited parties, such as a spouse, parent or child.

Indonesia this week introduced a host of laws, including banning insulting state institutions and spreading views counter to the country’s secular ideology, in addition to morality clauses.

“If I can’t stay with my girlfriend in a hotel together, I’d think twice about it,” said Wu Bingnan, a 21-year-old tourist from China who was visiting Bali.

Changes to the criminal code will only come into force in three years’ time, but Maulana Yusran, deputy chief of Indonesia’s tourism industry board, has said the new rules were “totally counter-productive”. Do read the article in full here. Article in

Couples may skip Bali, maybe?

I have no idea how they would be able to enforce this without breaking into the hotel room and actally catching the act. Of course, for those who somehow was caught, I really do not know how big this news would become. This is why I think couples who would like to go to Bali would think thrice. It’s not because they are going there to violate the law. It’s because there’s little need to risk because there are plenty of other destinations if ASEAN is the destination. Phuket may be one, Palawan islands may be another and hey, maybe even Singapore’s Sentosa beach?

Safe for families lah. Perhaps this is why the Indonesian government thinks it’s okay?

I would have no issues to go to Bali. Haha. I shall bring my wife and my kids. I looked at the hotels and it does seem very desirable actually. Take a look.

Not new law which is effective now

It’s 3 yes later. Many things could still happen. In the mean time, please do visit Bali as usual. It’s worth exploring yeah. Food is pretty okay. Kuta Beach is okay but not white sandy beach yeah. It was very happening in the evenings last time. I do think it’s going to become like pre-Covid 19 soon. The only difference is that, 3 years later, the tourism sector may really be affected. Perhaps by then, the number would have exceeded Pre-Covid 19 that it does not matter? Since total number may be more? We shall see.

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