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PropertyGuru Group Launches Enterprise Brand – PropertyGuru For Business

Press Release: PropertyGuru Group Launches Enterprise Brand, PropertyGuru For Business

BANGKOK (Dec 8, 2022): PropertyGuru Group Limited (NYSE: PGRU) (“PropertyGuru” or the “Company”), Southeast Asia’s leading1 , property technology (“PropTech”) company, today launched its enterprise brand, at the annual PropertyGuru Asia Real Estate Summit, where top business leaders from the real estate industry gather to share insights and network.

Hari V. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, PropertyGuru Group said, “Today, PropertyGuru completes fifteen years of operations, and we mark it with the launch of our enterprise solutions brand ‘PropertyGuru For Business’, that aims to guide enterprise clients such as property developers, agencies, banks, valuers, city planners and policy makers. It is our ambition to bring transparency within the real estate journey and create a trust platform for home seekers and our business partners. By harnessing the integrated power of our proprietary data, technology and people, we hope to empower our business partners and customers to make better informed decisions.

At an enterprise or a city level, these decisions can impact thousands, or even millions of people, and PropertyGuru For Business is here to guide our clients to maximise growth opportunities, while reducing risk and uncertainty. We believe PropertyGuru for Business is a timely launch as we hope to equip our enterprise clients with the right data, tools and
information to be able to navigate the uncertain economic conditions that lie ahead and be better prepared to serve their customers.”

PropertyGuru For Business includes a unified service and proprietary solutions such as DataSense, ValueNet, FastKey, event solutions as well as marketing-as-a-service (MaaS). Hari also announced that PropertyGuru For Business market insights and intelligence platform DataSense (formerly known as Vantage+) will introduce a new suite of features
and solutions catering to property developers to leverage analytics as a tool to improve their business. DataSense is currently available in Malaysia and will soon be introduced in our other markets – Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

PropertyGuru For Business’s debut at the event came at the right time as the property industry in Southeast Asia is undergoing a technology renaissance, with more enterprises and organisations looking towards digitalisation, making it an integral part of their operations transformation.

Shyn Yee Ho-Strangas, Managing Director for Data and Software Solutions (DSS), PropertyGuru Group said, “Recognising that countries have different approaches to land and property ownership, transaction and management processes, PropertyGuru For Business will be working with property stakeholders to improve systems in markets where
it operates by championing a nd enabling digitalisation so that all property stakeholders can leverage deeper insights to make more confident decisions in a more transparent property ecosystem.

Most Southeast Asian countries still have legacy systems and processes that are not digitally shared and are difficult to update, optimise and customise. However, for organisations or enterprises that are ready to harness the power of digital transformation, PropertyGuru For Business’s suite of products and solutions will have an answer for a broad range of clients seeking to leverage reliable data platforms and intelligent software to boost their competitiveness. Data and insights in property is not useful only for developers or aspiring developers – digitalisation benefits practically everyone in the orbit of the property sector such as banking, construction, and those offering professional services to the real estate industry.

It is our endeavour to support sustainability, innovation, and technology efforts throughout the region.”

Responding to the changing needs of the real estate industry, Jeremy Williams, Managing Director of Marketplaces, PropertyGuru Group, said, “Southeast Asia is witnessing a surge in demand for digitisation and Big Data, coupled with the ability to provide more personalised customer experiences. Consolidating our offerings and solutions into our single unified brand will enable us to better serve our clients, but more importantly, the people who rely on property data to make critical life decisions.” Jeremy concluded by saying, “PropertyGuru For Business will go beyond merely helping property stakeholders tap into millions of real estate listings, as it will be able to provide additional insights not available on other platforms to help clients see the larger picture.”

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