AZ jab? Pfizer jab? Do 1st dose offer protection? What about 2nd dose?

This was explained in a short briefing just before I got my AZ jab on 22nd May. Want more information to prepare for you AZ jab? Read here. My AstraZeneca experience and the process for your reference

First of all, Covid-19 vaccination does NOT mean you will not be infected by Covid-19. However, it greatly reduces this potential. There’s no need to ask how many percentage lah. No one can tell you with any accuracy. However… UK has reopened after their successful vaccination program. They already have over 70% of the population with a minimum of one dose. For them, it’s AstraZeneca and Pfizer. What vaccination does is also to ensure that even if we get infected, the effects from this infection will be way milder than if we did not receive the vaccination earlier.

As for how much the first dose protects us by helping the body build antibodies and how much the second dose enhances the first dose, please do read on.

Article in More than 90% of Britons develop antibodies to coronavirus after having one dose of the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines and this rises to almost 100% after the second dose. This is a finding based on a study of 8,517 people in England and Wales. The re research found that 96.42% of people who had either vaccine had developed antibodies 28 to 34 days after their first dose. That rose to 99.08% within seven to 14 days of the second jab.

Dr Maddie Shrotri, the lead author of the paper containing the findings from University College London (UCL) said, “This is one of the earliest real-world vaccine studies in the UK and it is fantastic news.”

“Over nine out of 10 adults in the UK who had either the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine produced antibodies against the virus within a month of their first shot.

“How well these vaccines work is remarkable, especially given the speed at which they’ve been developed. It’s a real feat of science in the face of the most devastating pandemic in a century.” Please do read the full article here: Article in

Note, the study says it’s 28 to 34 days.

Briefly, after you have been jabbed, please just be careful and if you could stay home for 28 – 34 days, then by the 35th day, your body would have built antibodies to fight COVID-19 virus if it ever attacked. After the 2nd jab and you stay home for 7-14 days, by the 15th day, close to 100% of everyone with a 2nd jab will have already built up antibodies. This is why it’s wiser to stay home unless we really needed to go out. This is why jabbed by AZ still meant jangan ke sana ke sini.

Malaysia’s immunisation programme has both Pfizer and AstraZeneca. We also have Sinovac. UK does not have Sinovac under their vaccination programme but this is what Indonesia found out about Sinovac and they are one of the very first countries to use Sinovac here in ASEAN.

Article in Indonesia Health Ministry lead researcher and health official Pandji Dhewantara shared that China’s Sinovac Biotech COVID-19 vaccine was 98 per cent effective at preventing death and 96 per cent effective at preventing hospitalisation among a group of inoculated Indonesian medical staff. This was based on a study conducted by the country’s health ministry. This is a finding based on data from 120,000 healthcare workers in Jakarta who had received the vaccine between January and March 2021. this year, told a briefing on Wednesday. Do read the full article here: Article in

Protecting yourself is protecting everyone

Based on all the deliveries of vaccines (if all arrives on time) and the total number of people registered for the vaccines thus far, I seriously do think by September 2021, we need to start pushing for more registrations because by then, most people registered would have been vaccinated or allocated a slot to get vaccinated. Let’s hope I am right for Malaysia’s sake. This is also why we must continue to encourage more people to register to be vaccinated. We need to remember that if we do not achieve herd immunity, we remain very vulnerable.

All the best everyone.

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