Economic integration and influence? It’s either with us, or with them.

Someone who is a well known economist sent me an article about his views of China as the world emerging power. We have always had occasional conversations and he is a sought after expert on economic matters. I replied him that if Asia has both China and India as the backbone, then it would be ideal.

He responded by saying “China and Russia.”

I responded, “Russia is already a superpower. However if India is not with us, then she will be with the other side. There is no advantage to us at all.”

Asia is full of potential

Seriously, think a little about it. Asia has 4.5 billion population. All the other economic groupings are certainly smaller. However, Asia is a loose collection of countries. Compare this to the European Union for example and we realise that economic integration will make the whole region stronger.

Need one recent example? Just look at the EU’s vaccination rate per population and then look at the ones in Asia. It’s between the sky (them) and the earth (us). Need another example? EU’s vaccination passport is being rolled out across all 27 member countries! And they say, ONLY the few vaccines they approve will be allowed for this convenience.

ASEAN as a group?

Before we run too far away, how about ASEAN then? We are also another loose grouping of countries BUT the truth is, we are 660 million strong in population. This is over 40 percent bigger than European Union. However, the clout they have and the clout we have? The integration they have and the integration we have? The one voice they have and the one voice we have? Come on, they could even ban palm oil exports and favour some other oil which is so much more inferior in terms of productivity and thus much more expensive too.

What does the future hold?

I know, I am just a blogger. So, can just write articles lah. Will write this article and keep it here. We will see what happens 5 years later. We shall see if China and India actually realise that facing the world together is better than facing one another. We shall see if ASEAN really do become more integrated economically too.

Common currency?

No need for some common currency lah, the economies are just too different to do that successfully. Just ensure we use each other’s currency instead of any foreign currency when we trade with one another. Just ensure travelling between all countries are made easier. We can do so much more together versus separately. Yes, we will need Indonesia to take the lead in this matter. Thank you in advance big brother.

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